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Internal Sealing System

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This is a worldwide patented pipe rehabilitation and sealing system. It is designed for internal installation in man accessible pipes of diameters ranging from 500mm and larger. It is an economic and effective solution to repair leaks in potable water, sewer, storm, gas, oil and cooling water pipelines.
Product Features :
Proven permanent reliability since over 30 years
High quality rubber seal for excellent physical performance and stability for gas and water pipes
Outstanding physical characteristics and resistance; the special shape of the profile with its three fold seal between the main seal ensure a permanent seal in the pipe
Significant range of profiles viz. circular, elliptical, egg-shape, mouth and cornered which can be joined together to any required size
Absolute sealing method by gearing
Sealing by radial tension via the retaining bands installed manually
Special elastic quality of various rubber types with the ability to bridge axial and radial displacements without influencing the sealing properties
All materials undergo a thorough quality control
Specific material for different sorts of media
»EPDM: Potable water, Storm water, Raw Water, Sewer, Leaches, Soft Acids
»NBR: Oil & Gas
Two Categories:
»AMEX® - 10 MONO Seal
»AMEX® - 10 VARIO Seal
Advantages :
Safe, solid, reliable and cost effective
Minimum excavation and minimum disturbance
Applicable to most pipe materials like prestressed concrete, concrete made in place, steel, cast iron, RCC, PVC, PE, AC, GLP, Cement Mortar lined pipes and or as end seals for liners.
Stops leaks permanently for comparatively low costs.
Variable shaping to realise any installation length
Flexible & Fast Installation
Installation under water     
Certificates :
Certified Germany (DIN) and International standards (BS) for Water, Sewer and Gas
ISO DIN 9001 Certified
Certified ANSI / NSF compliance for Water
KTW Recommendation for Water
ASTM Standards for Gas / Water
NBR approved for Gas
International accepted Aging - Test with the result: "50 Years Lifetime"

Internal Sealing System

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