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Invert Syrup

Product Details:

Brand Sugarindia
Place of Origin Uttar Pradesh India
Production Capacity as per buyer requirement  Per 
Packaging Details 300kg food grade plastic barrels
Keywords Other Food & Beverage, Invert Syrup, Sugarindia, dhampure speciality sugars, India
Category Food & Beverage > Other Food & Beverage 
Payment Terms L/C,T/T

Detailed Product Description

Product Features--
Invert Syrup is a viscous golden yellow syrup of sucrose and reducing sugars. Technically, it refers to a sugar syrup in which the sucrose has been partially or completely hydrolyzed to form glucose and fructose in equal proportions. 
Invert sugar has an increased sweetness level which benefits fruit flavored drinks where around 25 % less carbohydrate sweetener can be used if ordinary sugar is replaced with invert. On heating, invert sugar undergoes what is called the 'Maillard reaction' resulting in browning and flavor development. This is desirable in confections & caramels. Since it has a uniformly smooth body, is easy to handle, and dissolves much faster than white crystal sugar, it is significant in special applications. 


CALCULATION BASIS—1g sugar (carbohydrate)= 4KCAL

Invert Syrup

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