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Investment Casting

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Brand Radhe
Place of Origin Gujarat, India
Keywords Casting, Investment Casting, Radhe, RADHE RENEWABLE ENERGY DEVELOPMENT PVT LTD, India
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Investment Casting

Die/Tooling Construction/Manufacturing: A negative replica of the part or component is prepared in form of Metallic Die, for creation of wax pattern, which matches the configuration and finish of the final metal part. Depending on production quantities, size, shape & complexity, these dies may be of single cavity or multiple cavities.

Wax Pattern Injection & Assembly: Disposable Wax Patterns are produced by injecting Wax in the Dies. These Wax Patterns are positive models of the part intended for casting and reflect the precise geometry of the finished parts. Multiple nos. of Wax Patterns are made and connected & assembled by gates to Wax sprue to form a tree or cluster.

Ceramic Coating (Ceramic Investment) : Successive coats of ceramic slurry and refractory sand, fused silica are applied on assembled cluster/tree with intermediate drying time to form a self-supporting Shell or called Mold.

De-Waxing & Curing: De-waxing is the next step. The Invested Wax in the properly dried shells are melted out by applying heat source. The hollow shells are formed having cavities inside. These hollow shells or ceramic mould are then fired in high temperature baking furnace to cure the refractory material and to withstand the molten metal during pouring from the melting unit.

Melting & Casting: The specified molten metal alloyed in induction melting furnace is then poured in the pre-heated & hot-baked hollow shells (moulds) ensuring complete filling of the entire shell cavity.

Shell Release & Fettling/Grinding: Upon cooling, the ceramic shells are removed by usual knocking out operations by mechanical vibration and chemical cleaning. Parts are separated from the metallic sprues resulting Precision Castings after usual operations of gate grinding, cleaning and further operation like heat treatment, surface treatment etc.

Final Inspection: Finished products of casting are carefully inspected for compliance with clients drawings and specifications and thorough visual & dimensional inspection are carried out to maintain the integrity of the required component.

Features & Advantages of Investment Castings

    * Reproduction of complex & intricate shapes with fine details & size cast easily. Extremely versatile to produce wide range of diversified products.
    * Greater freedom of Design and flexibility for very simple to highly complex parts.
    * Close dimensional tolerance & almost near to net shape with precise dimensional control.
    * Elimination and reduction of cumbersome and expensive machining.
    * Increases productivity & cost-effectiveness.
    * Better As Cast surface finish.
    * Casting parts with inherent soundness, superior density, uniformity & strength, better physical properties as compared with other casting process.
    * Wide range of metals including Super Alloy base metals.
    * Economy of manufacture/Less expensive tooling than Die Casting.


Investment Castings Alloys :

         1. Stainless Steel viz, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, CG8M,CG3M, CG3, CN7M(Alloy20), CA15, CA40, CB7Cu, CD4MCu etc.
         2. Nickel & Cobalt based Super Alloys viz, Monel, Inconel, Haste Alloy B & C, Stellite etc.
         3. Low Alloy Steels viz. WC1, WC4, WC5, WC6, WC9, LC1, LC2, LC3 LC4, C5, C12 C23, C24, 7Q, 8Q, 9Q, 10Q, etc.
         4. Low & Medium Carbon Steel viz. WCA, WCB, WCC, LCA, LCB, LCC, 1A, 2A etc.
         5. Titanium Alloys.

Quality Control
Our Quality Policy Statement

We at Hi-Con, shall continually improve our system, process and employee competence to ensure that we fulfill our customer requirements by supplying quality product at competitive price and on time.

While working with quality policy, the quality control program at Hi-Con includes documented quality control manual, written procedures for each job to facilitate repeatability, environmental controls in key areas of the plant, spectrographic alloy analysis of each heat of metal poured, Raw material consumable quality test, a calibration program and extensive process controls as per ISO 9001:2008 certification to stand with the best in the world..
All components are visually and dimensionally inspected right from the wax pattern to castings and given appropriate chemical and physical tests.

Our policy of working is based on the need of our clients, to satisfy the customer and improve the quality of components we have taken customer satisfaction survey periodically and know the ideas and views of the customer and if changes require at any stage of production procedure of the customer product take corrective and preventive actions with customer ideas and our competence.

Investment Casting

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