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Iron Ore Washing Station

Product Details:

Brand CDE OreMAX
Model Number OreMAX 801
Place of Origin West Bengal India
Keywords Other Mining Machinery, Iron Ore Washing Station, CDE OreMAX, CDE Asia Limited, India
Category Machinery > Mining Machinery >Other Mining Machinery
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Detailed Product Description

OreMAX is CDEs highly evolved washing station for washing and upgrading various mineral ores, particularly iron ore.


The most widespread application is for washing low grade or dirty iron ore, including lumps, iron ore fines, mines overburden, or stockpiled iron ore reserves.


OreMAX is a combination of several innovative technologies in a single, integrated, and rapidly set-up system, ideal for deployment either within your operating mine, or at a central material processing point.  In combination with our unique AtroFEED material delivery and attrition system the OreMAX is highly attractive whether you operate your own ore mines with in-line blast furnaces / kilns / sponge iron / pelletising processes or you are an ore exporter or reseller.


CDE systems are generally orientated towards minus 40mm feeds and we offer particularly advanced setups for minus 20mm.  Each system can be custom designed according to your specific materials and requirements but the most popular example is our OreMAX turnkey system.  This offers plus 5mm and minus 5mm washed ore products from minus 20mm feeds of 80-100tph is a highly compact and readily setup washing station.  In the case of iron ore, typical Fe improvement is in the range of 6-8 grade points for both the plus and minus 5mm fractions and silica and alumina are both dramatically reduced.  Importantly this unit is highly versatile and can accommodate variable feeds which not only suits ore merchants, but also makes the system more flexible for captive mine operators.


In the case of iron ore, even small improvements in the quality of the materials can have a significant impact on both the final product quality and on the cost of production ... the CDE OreMAX has been designed to give the maximum upgradation of ore through washing possible and the results speak for themselves.

Iron Ore Washing Station

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