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Joints Care Capsules

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Brand Pentavox Herbals
Place of Origin Punjab India
Keywords Healthcare Supplement, Joints Care Capsules, Pentavox Herbals, Pentavox Herbals, India
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Detailed Product Description

Ortho-Smilin Capsules


General Introduction:

An advanced and complex phyto-pharmaceutical formulation of herbo-mineral origin, is formulated for the long term management of various metabolic disorders. The most important aspect  is its comprehensive ability to correct all the three vitiated Doshas & Ama and help to control inflammations, reduce swelling & tenderness, promote circulation by exerting vasodialatory effects, relax involuntary muscle tissues, stimulate uric acid excretions and maintain its level, restores mobility by quickly relieving tenderness & inflammations, provide relief from pains associated with sprains, and prevent osteoporosis & degenerative changes. Besides the symptomatic management, Ortho-Smilin act gradually and steadily at the root level of  the disorder and is excellent for the long term management of rheumatological disorders, alone or as a palliative with other therapies.

An ideal remedy with combination of herbs & minerals having potent anti-inflammatory &  analgesic actions, also provide Calcium  to bones.


Composition: Each capsule contains processed extracts obtained from:

1.            Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha )                   37.5 mg

2.            Termenalia arjuna (Arjun)                                    37.5 mg

3.            Vicissus quadrangularis (Asthisamhari)               37.5 mg

4.            Sida spinosa (Nagbala)                                       37.5 mg

5.            Cateria lacca (Laksha)                                        37.5 mg

6.            Shukti Bhasma  AFI                                           37.5 mg

7.            Parwal Pishti  AFI                                               75.0 mg

8.            Boswellia serrata (Lobhan)                                  300 mg



It begins in cartilage, as the cartilage degenerates, bones become damaged, the bodys regulatory mechanism fail and afflicted joint may become deformed. Bone spurs may twist the joints contours, making it difficult to move the bones. Fluid retention can also be a problem. Deformity and joint enlargement or inflammation, joint stiffness, joint crackling may occur.

Ortho-Smilin stimulates Bone reforming units (BRU) which are responsible for skeletal growth, repair and replacement.

Ortho-Smilin normalize the variety of regulatory factors  which have direct influence  on BRU viz., parathormone, calcitonin, vitamin-D, growth factors, gonadal steroids, calcium & phosphates etc.

Ortho-Similin is its comprehensive ability to correct all the three vitiated `Doshas' (disorders) & `Ama' (undigested food toxins):

1.      Correct excessive Vata (air) formation (cause of osteoporosis) in Pakvashaya (lower GI tract). As GI tract is the site of continuous regeneration of three doshas.

2.      Corrects Kapha (phlegm) formation as due to reduction of Kapha (phlegm), there is decline in collagen matrix resulting in osteoporosis (manifestation of excessive air). Integrity of Collagen matrix is directly proportionate to strength of the bone. 

3.       Corrects Pitta (bile).

4.      `Ama' -undigested food toxins is a major factor in disease, which damages & disturbs cellular functions. Ortho-Smilin purify the body by eliminating Ama, it increases the capacity of Agni (digestive fire), the vitiated and aggravated doshas (disorders) are removed, all the sense organs start working with vigour, after a certain time strength is increased 7 disease is cured.

Thus it helps to control inflammations, reduce swelling & tenderness; promote circulation  by exerting vasodilatory effects; relax involuntary muscle tissues; stimulate uric acid excretions & maintain its levels; restore mobility by quickly relieving  tenderness & inflammations; provide relief from morning stiffness, general fatigue & painful inflammatory conditions associated with sprains; & prevent osteoporosis by increasing bone density simultaneously stopping destructive process of skeletal bones & provides calcium and other micronutrients in bio-available form to weak bones.


Ortho-Smilin exerts a chondroprotective action aims to stop the destruction of cartilage.

Ortho-Smilin as an antioxidant, serves as antidotes to one of the free radicals most commonly found in body oxygen. It quenches singlet oxygen, a highly reactive & causes a great deal of damage to joints, stabilizing it and preventing it from attacking bodily tissues. It helps osteoarthritis sufferer by :

§         Reinforcing the ability of collagen to form a strong matrix.

§         Preventing free radical damage.

§         Slowing the inflammation response.

§         Preventing collagen from being destroyed when the cartilage tissue is inflamed

§         Hastening the healing of athletic injury.

It effectively shrinks inflamed tissue, the underlying cause of pain, by improving the blood supply to the affected area and enhancing the repair of local blood vessels damaged by iflammation.


Joints Care Capsules

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