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home products Kesh Kawach Anti-Hair Loss Product

Kesh Kawach Anti-Hair Loss Product

Product Details:

Brand Kesh Rakshak
Place of Origin Madhya Pradesh India
Keywords Other Hair Care Products, Kesh Kawach Anti-Hair Loss Product, Kesh Rakshak, Sarkar International, India
Category Beauty & Personal Care > Hair Care >Other Hair Care Products
Payment Terms Western Union

Detailed Product Description

How To Use:


Massage with gentle touch in your hairs for 15 minutes twice a day after getting  bath and before go to sleep, your consistency make great improvement for your hairs. Only applying medicine over head is not enough, but gentle massage foe 15 minutes is essential condition for better & desirable results. Getting bald & grey hairs could de restricted up to age of 40-45. If use Anti Hair Loss Medicine on regular basis since your adolescence.

Regular application of the medicine produces very small pox like things over a bald persons head witch produces new hairs followed by implantation of new Hair growth on further massage. Hair emerges in form of tissues which should tonsure twice in the interval of 30 45 days. Start applying medicine on new growing Hair and let them getting dense and stronger by using the medicine regularly.


  1. Use of medicine regularly up to 30-45 days helps in reproducing new hairs over bald persons head and consistency in use makes your hairs more & more dense and dark.
  2. Use of medicine regularly makes your Hair more & more darker, denser and strengthen.
  3. It arrests Hair fall immediately.
  4. It reproduces new and shiny black hairs on place of premature rough grey Hair.
  5. It immediately stops spreading dandruff and helps in getting rid of unwanted split ends.
  6. It makes your memory sharper & gives relief in headache.
  7. Use of medicine regularly provides a sound sleep for the sleepless patients suffering from Blood Pressure.
  8. It provides peace of mind and mental relief by removing mental tension and stress.
  9. Very gentle padding by smooth hands right over center of the head helps in getting rid nostril, cuff & throat bulgum.
  10. Use of medicine regularly makes more powerful vision and sharpen your eye-sight.
  11. It prevents from blister if applying over the burning places of the body immediately.

Key ingredients of Kesh Kawach Anti Hair Loss Hair Oil (External use)

  • Bhringraj (10gm)
  • Nirgundi (2gm)    
  • Jatamansi (2gm)
  • Neem (3gm)
  • Gammbhari (1gm)
  • Kamal (2gm)
  • Mehandi (3gm)
  • Triphala 6gm
  • Shatavari (1gm)
  • Shank Pushpi (2gm)
  • Brahmi (2gm)
  • Til Oil (18ml)
  • Kapur (1gm)
  • Color (1gm)
  • Essence 1gm
  • Coconut Oil (Base Q.S.)

Key ingredients of Kesh Kawach Anti Hair Loss Powder Shampoo (External use)

  • Bhringraj (7gm)
  • Shikakai (15gm)
  • Amla (15gm)
  • Neem Chaal (2.5gm)
  • Arjun Chaal (5gm)
  • Baheda (6gm)
  • Harad 8gm
  • Tulsi (5gm)
  • Essence 2gm
  • Reetha (Base Q.S.)

Kesh Kawach Anti-Hair Loss Product

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