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Kitchen Fire Extinguisher

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Kitchen Fire Extinguisher


Why to use Freeze Fire kitchen extinguisher?
Wet Chemical. With the introduction of the Class K in the late twentieth century for cooking media fires, wet chemical extinguishing agents have become important in both portable fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems. Test have shown that the previous school of thought protection grease fires with a Class B:C extinguisher have failed with the introduction of vegetable oils. Previously the primary grease used was animal fat based. Test showed that the dry chemical would sink in the vegetable oil and the fire had a high potential to re-flash. . These water based solutions produce a chemical reaction when applied to vegetable oils, creating a thick foam-like blanket that smothers the fire on top of the oil and prevents re-flash.

Performance of  Wet Chemical agent

Freeze fire wet chemical agent is extremely effective on fires in restaurant ventilating equipment - hoods and ductwork, as well as in a variety of
Cooking appliances - deep-fat fryers, griddles, range tops, and several
Types of boilers. As the agent is sprayed in fine droplets (atomized) onto an appliance Grease fire, it provides excellent flame knock-down, surface-cooling, and Fire-securing capabilities. When the agent reacts with the hot grease, it
Forms a layer of foam on the surface of the fat. This soap-like blanket of
Foam acts as an insulator between the hot grease and the atmosphere,
Helping to prevent flammable vapors from escaping and reducing the
Chance for flame reignition.Post-fire cleanup can be readily accomplished by flushing the area with Water or steam.
Because of the composition of Low pH Liquid Fire suppressant is commonly compatible with metals commonly found in restaurant kitchen environments (i.e. stainless steal, aluminum, galvanized metal, mild steel copper and brass)



Color-Coded Fluorescent Green

Storage Life

12 Years

Refractive Index


Freeze Point

-40 °F (-40 °C)

Boiling Point

230 °F (110 °C)

Specific Gravity



5.26 centistokes

P H.

7.7 - 8.7
NOTE: Care should be taken when handling the agent. If contact is made with the eyes or skin, flush with water. If the agent is swallowed, dilute with water or milk and contact a physician.



Hose & spray nozzle


8 to 10 ft

Discharge Time

18 to 20sec




5 years

Kitchen Fire Extinguisher

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