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Lemons are oval citrus fruits with smooth porous skin. Lemon fruitscolor range from greenish yellow to bright yellow. Lemons look verysimilar to limes, but lemons tend to be a little larger and are yellowwhen ripe, where limes are green. Slices of lemon are served as agarnish on fish or meat or with iced or hot tea, to be squeezed for theflavorful juice. In some countries, lemon soup is made by adding slicesof lemon to dry bread roll that has been sautéed in shortening untilsoft and then sieved.It is also used for making pies and tarts, as a flavoring for cakes,cookies, cake icings, puddings, sherbet, confectionery, preserves andpharmaceutical products. A small number of drops of lemon fruit juice,added to cream before whipping, offer firmness to the whipped cream.Lemon peel can be candied at home and is preserved in brine andsupplied to manufacturers of confectionery and baked goods. It is thesource of lemon oil, pectin and citric acid.


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