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Liver Smilin Capsules / Syrup

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Brand Pentavoix Herbals
Place of Origin Punjab India
Keywords Healthcare Supplement, Liver Smilin Capsules / Syrup, Pentavoix Herbals, Pentavox Herbals, India
Category Health & Medical > Health Care Products >Healthcare Supplement
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Detailed Product Description



LIVO SMILIN is a herbal product specially formulated to keep the functioning of the liver at its optimum in spite of various factors predisposing towards liver damage like alcohol, industrial toxins, toxic drugs, toxaemias, malnutrition etc. for the prophylactic and therapeutic management of disorders of liver & spleen. LIVO SMILIN represents an advancement in phytopharmaceutical formulations, the ingredients having proven pharmacological actions useful in the prevention & treatment of liver disease. Hitherto, phytopharmaceutical preparations were largely formulated on the basis of traditional recommendations or usage pattern rather than known pharmacological action of ingredients. The pharmacological basis of LIVO- SMILIN is an assurance of reliability in its therapeutic action, which provides a scientific & medical rationale and effective pharmacotherapy. Another important aspect of LIVO- SMILINs formulations is its comprehensiveness. Two aspects are particularly noteworthy in this regard. Firstly LIVO-SMILIN has ingredients to counter, effectively, not only the common aetiological agents but also the pathological changes that usually accompany hepatic tissue injury. Secondly, each of the pharmacological actions essential for the prevention and treatment of liver diseases is provided concomitantly by several ingredients of LIVO-SMILIN to enhance its threrapeutic dependability. The major therapeutic value of LIVO-SMILIN is in providing protection to the liver from damage and consequent liver dysfunctions due to hepatitis virus and other hepatotoxic agents such as alcohol, many drugs in common use and environmental toxic substances. LIVO- SMILIN protects hepatic tissues from toxins, and where such agent has caused tissue damage and liver dysfunctions, LIVO- SMILIN helps prevention of further damage by blocking the deleterious effects of toxins and facilitates correction of tissue damage and associated pathological changes to normalise liver and its functions. Another special feature is its outstanding safety. Experimental and clinical evidence on the ingredients of LIVO- SMILIN shows absence of toxic effects or signs of unusual tolerance. Ingredients of LIVO- SMILIN are carefully and rigidly standardised using modern technological assay methods.


COMPOSITION: Each capsule contains processed extracts obtained from:


Boerhaavia diffusa 50 mg

Solanum nigrum 50 mg

Andrographis panniculata 50 mg

Achyranthes aspera 50 mg

Amorphophallus campanulatus 50 mg

Tecomella undulata 50 mg

Tamarix gallica 50 mg


Processed with Punarnavadi Kwath dried ext. 150 mg

(Punarnavadi Kwath is a 1:8 w/v decoction of Boerhaavia diffusa, Cedrus deodara, Curcuma longa, Picrorhiza kurroo, Trichosanthes dioica, Terminalia chebula, Melia azadirachta, Cyperus rotundus, Zingiber officinale & Tinospora cordifolia taken in equal parts).


ACTIONS: Complimentary blending of multiple herbs processed according to the methods, philosophy & principles of Ayurveda makes LIVO-SMILIN indispensable in the management of disorders of Liver & Spleen. Based on correcting the Pitta and balancing of the Vatta & Kapha doshas, LIVO-SMILIN is an ideal herbal tonic to treat & check all liver & spleen disorders by:

  1.  Promoting regeneration of liver tissues
  2.  Stimulating the functional activities of Liver & Spleen

  3.  Stimulating normal haemopoiesis

  4.  Regulating levels of plasma-protein concentrations

  5.  Protecting the hepatic parenchyma from infective hepatitis A & B and hepatotoxic drugs
  6.  Arresting hepatic damage & preventing further necrosis 
  7.  Arresting alcoholic liver dysfunctions & damages 
  8.  Accelerating metabolic activities & promoting hepatocellular regeneration and preventing its damage 
  9.  Improving digestion & assimilation and generating a healthy appetite 
  10.  Toning up of body functions and imparting a general sense of well-being


Liver Smilin Capsules / Syrup

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