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home products Lucky Gemstone Studded Rings As Per Individual Horoscopes Through Vedic Astrology

Lucky Gemstone Studded Rings As Per Individual Horoscopes Through Vedic Astrology

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The Rings are made with Navarathnas viz., Ruby (for Sun), Pearl (Moon), Red Coral( Mars), Green Emerald (Mercury), Yellow Sapphire/White Sapphire (Jupiter), Diamond/Zircon (Venus), Blue Sapphire/Indraneel (Saturn), Vaidoorya (Rahu) and Gometak (Ketu).   These rings represent the Navagrahas, the individual and combined effects of which is governing the day-today happenings of every human being, the moment it descended on the Mother Earth, as per Astro-Sastras.


Divakara Sharma, K,  is a renowned hereditary astrologer hailing from the southern part of Tamil Nadu and belonging to a family of high-calibre astrologers. He has,  to his credit, more than 3 decades of astro-experience and has trained many astrologers and served as chief astrologer and also astro-trainer for some well-known astro-consultancy organizations in India.


His expertise in selection of suitable Navarathnas for every individual is purely based on his/her Natal Horoscope and it has worked out to the great beneft to one and all of those who did wear the Gemstone Rings.



Wearing of the Navarathnas in the Ring, Pendant, Bracelet forms is not new to Hinduism. The Famous Sthothra Navarathnamala stands out as an excellent example about it.  It personifys the Goddess Herself as Navarathnas. Navarathnas viz., Ruby, Pearl, Coral, Emerald, Kanaka Pushpa Rag/Yellow Sapphire,  Diamond and Blue Sapphire/Indra Neelam are acting as catalysts in bringing prosperity and Karya Siddhi in everyones life, if rightly chosen as per ones Natal Horoscope The specific Gemstone has to be obtained flaw-less, made into a Ring on an auspicious day, kept in Puja and empowered/energized with particular reference to the prime needs of the Native,worn on an auspicious day according to the Natal Horoscope, observing certain guidelines while wearing and after that also.


There is a wrong notion among certain section of people that wearing all the Navarathnas in one Ring will bring in prosperity for them very quickly. It is not so in point of fact. It is strongly advised not to wear a Navarathna Ring wherein studded all the Nine Gems.  In any horoscope, a maximum of three and a minimum of two Planets (Grahas) will be the Yogakarakas. Some may be strong and well placed, strong and ill-placed, weak and well-placed and weak and ill-placed. Of these, the last three Planets have to be taken up for further analysis and short-listed to one. This is the Planet that needs to be strengthened by wearing the Gemstone which it represents.  This is just an example of a preliminary and macro-analysis result. Further micro-analysis will also have to be made of the Planet as per the specific requirement of the Native such as Marriage, Education, Job, Foreign Assignments, etc. In the absence of any specific request, the ring will be energized/empowered for overall benefic effects in all spheres of life of the Native.

In fact, when worn in the appropriate finger, the empowered/energised Gemstone of a Particular Planet, attracts from the open air, the positive energies. The positive energies get filtered and sent through the Gemstone down to the sweat pores of the finger of the Native and transcends through the blood/vein system to the "Kundli" from where it spreads throughout the body of the Native finally reaching the Brain. Here, the negative energies are eliminated and positive energies are implanted. When the mind is clear, positive thinking is resulted; positive thinking leads to right decisions; right decisions culminate into honest actions; honest actions bring in good and benefic results; good and benefic results make the mind and soul of the Native happy. Happiness is the essence of human life which is achieved through the gemstone.

Of course, the Native when wearing and after wearing the Gemstone Ring, shall have to follow certain simple guidelines which will go in to enhance the benefic effects of the Gemstone Ring represented by the respective Lords of Navagraha. However, the results will start slowly but will pick up momentum as months go by.

Astrologer makes the rings, does Puja fpr Karya Siddhi i.e., success in all endeavours (such as to get married in time, to be blessed with children, to have a harmonious marital life between couple, good education, higher education at foreign country, remunerative job both inland and abroad as the case may be, healing effects from ailments, success in business, promotion in existing profession, owning and sustenance of properties such as land, houses, flats, etc. to name a few) and supplies them with the date, day, time of wearing along with the Guidelines.

This apart, he offers at cost, Predictions on the Horoscopes of Natives who would like to know about their future. The points covered are as follows:

Overview of the Horoscope, in general, Nature of the Native and his traits. Longevity.

Lucky Gemstone Studded Rings As Per Individual Horoscopes Through Vedic Astrology

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