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home products Lymphedema Compression Pump For Leg &Amp; Arm Cuff

Lymphedema Compression Pump For Leg &Amp; Arm Cuff

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Brand Wonjin
Model Number Power Q-1000
Place of Origin Incheon South Korea
Keywords Healthcare Supplies, Lymphedema Compression Pump For Leg &Amp; Arm Cuff, Wonjin, Vats Medical Healthcare (P) Limited, India
Category Health & Medical > Health Care Products >Healthcare Supplies
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A four-tiered rippling air pressure massager

All functions inside the body are operating by the smooth circulation of blood and lymph.

Power-Q1000 promotes the circulation of blood and lymph in the disabled regions of the arms and legs, and increases the pressure of the muscular tissue by continuously repeating swelling and contraction with the 4-step gradual air pressure, thus curing edema and pain in the arms and legs and recovering the function of the limbs aged or disabled due to diseases.

The limbs pressure and circulation device is an instrument for the cardiovascular system, which prevents the pool or blockage of blood or blood circulation.

Blood circulation disorders show the symptoms of cold hands and legs, numbness, pain in the shoulder, failure of memory, dizziness, chronical fatigue, difficulty in walking due to pain, muscular pain, cold feeling in the feet, paralytic feeling in muscles and skin, signs of paralysis, senile dementia, sequela from a traffic accident and etc. And there is much possibility those who have diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, heart disease, or smoke have blood circulation disorders.



  • Indications Lymph edema
  • Limb paralysis (Cerebral infarction)
  • Limb convulsion (Pain clinic)
  • Pregnant woman's limb management
  • Chronic disease by the venous cause
  • Fat dissolution
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Improvement of intestines, dissolution Constipation
  • Benumbed feet and hands Settlement of stress
  • Disease by interruption in blood circulation
  • Effect of exercise
  • The old and the weak, fatigue, bore dome, insomnia
  • Person who want to be elastic skin and a healthier body
  • DVT (Deep vein thrombosis/PE) pneumatic embolism)
  • Varicocele therapy and prevention

Lymphedema Compression Pump For Leg &Amp; Arm Cuff

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