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Mcleod Gauge

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Model Number MG-6
Place of Origin Maharashtra India
Keywords Pressure Gauges, Mcleod Gauge, TELELIN, TELELIN INSTRUMENTS ( India), India
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1.    MC-LEOD GAUGE to measure 10-3 Torr Vacuum:

     Model No.:  MG-6 Portable Mc-Leod Gauge. With stand & 1st fill Mercury.

The Vacustate: Suitable for measurement of pressure in the Range: 10 mm. to 10-3 of Hg. (i.e. 10 mm. to 0.001 torr) with stand & 1st fill Mercury. This gauge avoids the use of a movable reservoir of mercury and also requires only about 14 cc. of mercury for first filling. The total size of this gauge is about 9 x 6 Metallic stand with Rotating arrangement is provided.


The system of which pressure is to be measured, is connected by flexible rubber tubing to the join at A, on the gauge from rear. So that bodily rotation of the vacustat. Through a right angle about A, as a centre is possible.

To start with the gauge is in the horizontal position. (a), so that the whole gauge is evacuated. The residual air or gas fills the gauge.

To take a pressure reading, the gauge is simply routed to the vertical position. (b). Mercury runs out of the container B, compressing the residual air or gas, contained within the region C-D, to short length of the comparison capillary tube C.S. By arranging that the level in the comparison capillary F is opposite the end of the graduated capillary C-E. Slight adjustment of the gauge about the vertical axis is needed to adjust the mercury level correctly.

Mcleod Gauge

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