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home products Melachite Green 4 ( Ravi Dyware Make)

Melachite Green 4 ( Ravi Dyware Make)

Product Details:

Brand Ravi Dyeware
Model Number Basic Green 4
Place of Origin India
Keywords Dyestuffs, Melachite Green 4 ( Ravi Dyware Make), Ravi Dyeware, Sadhana Trading Corporation, India
Category Chemicals > Pigment & Dyestuff >Dyestuffs
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Detailed Product Description

Color Index No. C.I.Basic Green 4 (42000) Ravi Dyeware make
Molecular C52H54N4O12
CAS NO  2437-29-8

EC #  219-441-7

Synonyms of basic green: Acryl Brilliant Green B, Aizen Malachite Green Crystals, Astrazon Green M, Astra Malachite Green B, Astra Malachite Green BXX, Malachite Green, Remacryl Green 3B, Synacril Green G, Tetrophene Green M, Victoria Green

Property of basic green (malachite green): Green crystal powder with a metallic lustre, very soluble in water, extremely soluble in ethanol, solutions are blue-green; basic green dyes become yellow in high concentration sulphuric acid, becomes dark orange when diluted; basic green becomes orange in high concentration nitric acid, becomes brownish orange when diluted.

Application of Basic Green (malachite green): Used for dyeing of silk, wool, cotton, paper, bamboo, weed, straw, leather, linen and some chemical fibers. Basic green is also used in making of color lake, solvent dyes and positive ion dyes.


Quality Index Basic Green Crystal First Class

NameBasic Green 4 Melachite Green Ravi Dyeware

Color Index No.

C.I.Basic Green 4 (42000)
Chemical FamilyBasic dyes
ApearanceGreen crystal with lustre
Shadesimilar to standard
Tinting strength100+/-3
Moisture1.5% max.
Insoluble matter0.05% max.

Melachite Green 4 ( Ravi Dyware Make)

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