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Melting Cum Holding Furnace

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Brand VEM
Model Number MHF100
Place of Origin Uttar Pradesh India
Keywords Industrial Furnace, Melting Cum Holding Furnace, VEM, VEM INDUSTRIAL CONTROL, India
Category Machinery > Metallurgy Machinery >Industrial Furnace
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These furnaces are skid mounting construction for easy operation and compact in designe. Furnaces are designed to get more than 83% of overall effeciency for melting of metal by using main frequency channel induction principal for melting.



Vem furnace model MHF 100 is dual purpose furnace for melting and casting of brass components simultaniously without waiting to be ready for charge as compared to pit type oil/gas fired furnaces, as melting and casting can be done continuously without any waiting time. Casting method may be of any nature. Furnace has approximately 1000 kg of molten material every time ready for casting or for any other application as required.



Power consumption  cost to melt the metal for casting of this furnace is the cheapest one amongs all type of furnaces available. Model MHF100 is very much suitable for brass casting at running cost of 290-300 kwh/t @ 400 kg of component casting per hour. Even if you are not using the furnace for casting in off hours then the power consumption shrinks to 12-15 kwh/hrs. Molten material is always ready round the clock.



The greatest advantage of this furnace is that metal burning loss, which is very very less as compired to pit type gas/oil/coal fired furnaces. It has been observed that metal burning loss in brass melting and casting in MHF100 is less than 0.5%.



Alloying and mixing of metal is very homogenious in this furnace as the whole mass in the pot circulates through channel of furnace and gives high rate of churning and therefore you get whole of the molten mass of same quality.



Cost of refractory is also very less as it last for 12-18 months depends upon what grade of dry scrap you are using for melting.



Vem Industrial Control supply and install these furnaces at site as a complete unit including electrical / electronic control panels, transformers, phase balancing reactors and capacitors.Our service engineers are available round the clock.



These furnaces can be installed in any of the non ferrous casting unit for casting of components whose  quantity is more than 1500 kg per day.



Power required is mearly 100 kw at 415 V 3 phase at 50/60 hz.

Melting Cum Holding Furnace

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