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Microcompt Batch Controller

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Microcompt is a powerful flow computer designed to meet therequirements of all types of fluid metering installations. Based on thelatest CMOS technology, the equipment offers a great extent offlexibility in terms of operating conditions.


  • Can be used with all types of measuring devices like Turbine, Positive displacement, Mass Flow Meters etc.
  • Meter error curve linearisation.
  • Self-diagnostic.
  • Accepts all types of interlock for fail-safe operation.
  • Tamper-proof & sealed calibration facility.
  • Large 5-digit display.
  • Can be used in stand-alone mode or connected to remote system via network communication.
  • Explosion proof enclosure for hazardous area application.
  • Weatherproof to IP-65.


Microcomptrealizes a self test at start-up & periodically during operation toensure connectivity with external devices & systems. When connectedin the network, Microcompt accepts the pre-determined quantity of theproduct to be loaded from the remote system. On the receipt of productquantity, Microcompt prompts the operator to initiate the batch bypressing the 'ST' key. The delivery of the product is started onlyafter the proper functioning of all the interlocks. The deliverycommences with gradual opening of the set stop valve.

Loadingoperation parameters like batch quantity, flow rate, producttemperature etc can be displayed on large 5 digit display on request bypressing respective push button. The interlocks like vehicle earthing,loading arm orientation etc. are continuously checked.

Failingvalidation of any of the interlocks, Microcompt blocks the loadingoperation & activates the priority alarm with a message on thedisplay. The valve closure takes place in multi stages making itgradual & shock free. Microcompt can be used with

  • Open or closed type loading valves
  • Set Stop Valve.
  • Step by step (digitally controlled) valves.

In the absence of remote system, the equipment switchesitself into degraded mode. In this mode, all the preset parameters canbe entered locally through the multi function push button keys providedon the front panel.

During product delivery,the Microcompt constantly monitors the Meter flow rate & linearisesthe Meter accuracy curve to give an unmatched metering accuracy of +/-0.05%.

During delivery, all the field parameters are communicated to the remote system via serial link using MODBUS protocol.

Incase of sudden power failure during product delivery, all the processdata is stored into the battery backed memory of the equipment.


Thebatch controller is equipped with a non-volatile memory in which allthe configuration parameters like multi-point Flow Meter 'K' factors,reference temperature, station address, etc. are stored. The parametersare field settable with tamper proof sealing facility provided on therear side of the equipment.

To configure theparameters, the calibration window on the rear side of the equipment isopened & the calibration switch is actuated. The parameters thencan be edited by using front push buttons. Once the equipment isconfigured for the required operating conditions, the switch isde-actuated & the window is sealed.


Microcomptrealizes self check at startup, in which it checks the connectivitywith all the field & control room equipments. In case of anyproblem with the connectivity of field device, the same is reported tothe control room on a serial link & an alarm is logged. In case ifthe conneativity with the control room fails, Microcompt automaticallyswitches itself into stand alone mode. In this mode, it allows the userto set the predetermined quantity of the product locally.

Duringdelivery, Microcompt constantly monitors the operating conditions for& logs an alarm if any of the conditions goes beyond thresholdlimits. These conditions include:

  • Meter over / under speeding.
  • Product temperature beyond threshold limits.
  • Product leakage through valve.
  • Absence of product after valve opening.
  • Pulse Transmitter failure.
  • Electrical power failure.
  • Interlock failure like Vehicle Earthing / Loading Arm failure.

In case of electrical power failure, Microcompt retains, in it's battery backed up memory, following information:

  • Current volume.
  • Accumulated totaliser.
  • Operational flags.


TheMicrocompt may be associated with various types of peripherals &depending on the case, will perform as either master or slave.


Whenconnected to the Magnetic Card Reader through twin wire link, dependingon the application, Microcompt can ensure verification of access to theloading bay, identification of the operator, automatic quantity presetetc.


TheMicrocompt may be connected to a PLC or computer via a MODBUS link.This allows remote control of the loading operation, preset ofquantities to be delivered, recovery of metering data provided by theMicrocompt, access control to the loading position etc.


Differenttypes of printers can be connected to the Microcompt via a serial linkor current loop. They offer the possibilities of printing out allinformation concerning the loading operation in the form of a loadingticket or listing.

Microcompt Batch Controller

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