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Mineral Water

Product Details:

Place of Origin Maharashtra India
Packaging Details 1.5 litre bottles
Keywords Mineral Water, Mineral Water, , Universal 7 Seas Trading Company, India
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"Magic" Water is taken in depth of 400 meters under the lake surface and 1.5km away

from the coastal line. Derived from the Core of the Lake, water inherits a unique mineral

formula composed by natural process lasting millions of years.


The Factory is equipped with modern equipment made by the leading world manufacturers.

Production scheme includes filtration, UV- treatment and bottling. Permanent control of water quality is carried out on site by certified laboratory, which guarantees strict compliance with international regulations and standards.


Product Name: Siberian Valley

Product Classification: Natural Drinking Water


Water available: carbonated and still


Packing: PET Bottles


0.5Lt (12 per Shrink wrap pack)


1.5Lt (6 per Shrink wrap pack)


Delivery: in 20 & 40 containers.


Water Composition (mg/l):

Chloride (Cl

-) 1.5 Hydro carbonates (HCO3) 70.0

Calcium (Ca

+) 17.0 Sulfates (SO4) 7.5

Sodium (Na

+) 4.0 pH 4,0-7,0 for carbonated water

Potassium (K

+) 2.0 pH 7,0-8,2 for still water

Magnesium (Mg

+) 4.0 Total Hardness 75

TDS 120

Shelf life 24 Months


This water is characterized by high content of oxygen, it contributes to normalization of

water-salt metabolism and helps organism to get rid of toxins. It is recommended for those

predisposed to high-blood pressure, ischemic disease, kidneys diseases and arthritis.*


confirmed by the Russian Academy of Science

In fact this is a curative, healthy product, which was traditionally used by native population settled on the hills of Lake Baikal since ancient times as a medicine to treat many deceases.

The Lake with its environment is recognized by UN as Worlds Nature Heritage preserving balanced mineral formula of its water, rich with oxygen dissolved.

The product is being taken by unique technology from 400m. depth under the Lake s surface. From so called Core. This water body is being studied by scientists and proved to be extremely pure as it virtually has no inter-exchange with surface waters, or with bottom layers.          

Baikals water has the same structure as the water of human body. This means, it is easily absorbed and consumed by the cells conducting healthy elements to human organs in a natural way.


Mineral Water

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