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Ncomputing X550

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Brand NComputing
Model Number NComputing X550
Place of Origin United States
Keywords PC Stations, Ncomputing X550, NComputing, RV Exporter, India
Category Computer Hardware & Software > PC Stations 
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Detailed Product Description

Turn 1 PC into the Equivalent of 11 PCs!
NComputings new patent pending technology allows you to create a small network of up to seven users perPC easily and affordably. No hassles configuring a router, switch or a hub just plug it in; load our terminalserver software and youre ready to go.

What is NComputing X550?
The X550 is a new way to expand your existing computer by simply adding a PCI card andconnecting our multi-user terminal boxes. Each PCI card has five (5) RJ45 output ports and five (5)terminal boxes so you can easily connect more users via CAT 5e or CAT 6 STP cables. A limit of two (2) PCI cards maybe used with each computer thus, extending 1 PC to 11 users!

How does it work?
Todays computers are so fast and powerful its like having a super computer thats being under utilized.The NComputing X550 and our Terminal Server software take advantage of the excess computing power andredistributing it to each computer terminal. Everyone connected receives the same speed andperformance of the Host PC, plus each user works independently and securely from each other.

Detailed Features


  • Supported Operating Systems
    - Compatible with Linux and Windows.
  • Minimum System, Requirements
    - CPU: Any PC with a 2.4 GHz processor or higher (Up to 5 X550 Multi Boxes can be connected to the X550 PCI card).
    - RAM: 1024 MB or more.
    - Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, and optional speakers for each X550 Multi Box.
    - The quantity of users recommended for a host PC depends greatly on the software used, and the type of user.

Ncomputing X550

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