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Nitel Automatic Power Factor Control Panel

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Most of the industrial loads e.g. motor and transformers are inductive in nature and the power factor will be in the lagging side. Adequate reactive compensation is required at the consumer end to improve the power factor and effectively utilize the allotted Maximum demand. In a highly volatile load environment the reactive requirement of the loads is of maintain the power factor and to control the Relay power (KVA).

To maintain the power factor generally fixed capacitors are installed in industries at various load centers balanced to the connected load level. In the fixed compensation system the amount of capacitors (kVAr) connected in the system will be always constant irrespective of the load variations. In such conditions the power factor maintenance is highly difficult in the ambience of variable load pattern and the over all plant power factor will tent to be lagging or leading.

The leading power factor (I.e. excessive capacitors than the requirement) in the system will result in an excessive raise in the transient voltage during switching of loads and leads to insulation failures in the equipment and generates harmonic oscillations.



Noticing the anxiety of the industry for a dependable solution, we deeply explored the technology and conducted field studies on the current practices to configure a system matching our Indian Duty and environmental conditions. The configuration in the design of our APFC system with perfectly calculated on line balancing devices for regulation and control is well acclaimed.



With installation of Automatic Power Factor Control Panel with additional value of capacitors, we will have benefits like.

  • Reduced Power Cost, Due to reduced kVA demand or exemption from any penalty for low power factor.
  • Release of power system capacity.. Additional load can be installed without investment in additional capital investment.
  • Reduced overloading and therefore less heating of cables and other expensive control panels.
  • Reduced losses in feeders.
  • Reduction in voltage interference due to welding equipments, etc.
  • Reduction in size of electrical equipment for new installation and therefore, less capital expenditure.
  • Power Factor Rebate in Electricity Bills.
  • 80% Depreciation as per IT Rules, being it is investment for Energy Saving Equipments.

  • Most reliable and hassle free contractor switching technology.
  • MAX APP Capacitor from most modern technology with dielectric loss of 0% Walt 1 KVAR.
  • Detuned Harmonic reactors to prevent network resonance and absorb the line harmonics.
  • Fastest PF correction time equaling the solid state switching performance.
  • Top of the World leading brand components, MCCBs, MCBs and Capacitors.
Thoughtfully designed panels with insect proof & cooling fans for good ventilation to manage heat load.

Nitel Automatic Power Factor Control Panel

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