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Nitel H. T. &Amp; L. T. Industrial Automatic Voltage Regulator

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Automatic Voltage Regulator is an equipment meant for obtaining constant voltage from fluctuating mains input supply. It protects valued plant & Equipments from over and under voltage, resulting in improvements in the efficiency, performance, safety and life of the equipments.

Nitel  cover a wide range of Automatic Voltage Regulator of the capacity from 25 KVA to 5000 KVA for different input voltage ranges both LT & HT (400 V & 11/33 KV). Transformers with BUILT IN stabilizers are covered upto capacity of 5000 KVA.


Nitel  Industrial Automatic Voltage Regulator are Auto Wound Transformers having helical coils mounted on a conventional laminated core. Carbon Rollers assembled on a fibre glass carrier board traverse the length of the Coil Track These rollers are electrically connected to the output terminals and as they are driven over the track, a variable voltage is obtained. Beneath the regulating coil a number of compensating winding are connected in parallel and short circuited to reduce the effect of core-flux fringing and keeps the reactance of the regulator fairly constant at any position of the rolling contact. The Variations of more than ± 1% of the rated output voltage of the stabilizers are sensed through solid state relay which sends signals to the controlling servo motor which further drives the roller mechanism in such a direction so as to increase or decrease the voltage and stabilize it to the rated output voltage. Solid State Relay operates on 230 V, 1Æ supply..


v      Energy saving between 5% to 10%.

v      High efficency (above 98%) & minimum load losses.

v      On Load stepless voltage variation.

v      Increase in the productivity by reducing the breakdown period of the machines.

v      Constant Voltage throughout the plant causing reduction in maintenance cost of the equipment.

v      Low replacement cost.

v      Long Service life.

v      80% Depreciation claim as per Income Tax Act.


Owing to its high efficiency and associated benefits, the payback period for the cost of Nitel INDL. A.V.R. is from 6 to 12 months. Depending upon the Input Voltage Variation and number of working hours of the plant.. The HIGHER the Input Voltage the SHORTER will be payback period..



Nitel Indl. Automatic Voltage Regulator play efficient role in all types of Resistive, Inductive & Capacitive loads, like Resistance Heating, Lighting Equipments, Motors, Rectifier Loads etc. It can be installed any where, may it be an Industrial Plant like Cement, Flow Mills, Pharmasuticals, Cold Storage, Textile, Paper, Food Processing, Chemical, Oil & Vanaspati Plants, and name a few; Hospitals, Hotel, Shopping Mall, Residential Colony/Complex etc.

Nitel H. T. &Amp; L. T. Industrial Automatic Voltage Regulator

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