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Nitrogen Gas Generator

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Place of Origin Maharashtra India
Keywords Gas Turbine Generators, Nitrogen Gas Generator, , DE-LUXE TRADING COMPANY, India
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Detailed Product Description

We have been manufacturing a wide range of nitrogen gas generator which are fabricated in accordance with the specifications of our clients. These nitrogen gas generator are used for supplying from 200 c/minute to 1,000,000 liters/hour for obtaining desired purity and pressure. Equipped with nitrogen generators utilize Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology these are used for producing constant-quality flows of high-purity nitrogen. As there nitrogen gas generator are no moving parts so the servicing and maintenance required is very low. An existing compressed-air supply with in the units are used where as in other cases there is installed an integrated compressors or dedicated, external silenced compressor.Features:
  • Cost effective
  • MicroGeN2 Nitrogen Generator (The smallest generator of high purity nitrogen for low-volume usage)
  • Compact, lightweight construction using minimum floor space
  • Optional integrated compressor
  • Low power consumption and maintenance-free operation
  • Suitable for TOC, GC, FID, GC-MS, DSC purging and many more applications
  • Flow rates up to 200cc/minute at 99.9995% purity
Principle SpecificationsLC-MSLC-MS-MS (for sciex model)Turbo Evaporator
Moisture5 ppm5 ppm
Total Hydro Carbon< 1 ppm< 1 ppm
Co & Co2< 2 ppm< 2 ppm
Micro Particulates< 1.10µ< 1.10µ< 1.10µ
Capacity of N26 to 30 LPM at 100 psig12 LPM at 100 psig
(filtered zero air)
50 to 700 LPM
Generator(as per selectio of model)8 LPM at 60 psig (purified dry air)
4 LPM at 60 psig (pure nitrogen)
At 60 psig (as per selectio of model)
Method of purificationPressure Swing Adsortion (PSA)Pressure Swing Adsortion (PSA)Pressure Swing Adsortion (PSA)
Room temperature5°C to 25°C5°C to 25°C5°C to 25°C
Start Up time1 hrs/ programmable timer1 hrs/ programmable timer1 hrs
Electrical requirements without compressors230 V AC , 50 Hz, 1ph, 2 Amps230 V AC , 50 Hz, 1ph, 2 Amps230 V AC , 50 Hz, 1ph, 2 Amps
Dimensions of N2 Generators in mtr. (without compressor)1.5 H x 0.8W x 0.8 D (approx)
(as per selectio of model)
2 H x 1W x 1 D (approx)
(as per selectio of model)
2 H x 1W x 1 D
(as per selectio of model)

Nitrogen Gas Generator

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