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home products Nuance-Dragon Naturallyspeaking Premium 11.5 Speech Recognition Indian Accent Software

Nuance-Dragon Naturallyspeaking Premium 11.5 Speech Recognition Indian Accent Software

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Brand Dagon NaturallySpeaking Speech Reco...
Model Number 9810003076
Place of Origin Singapore
Production Capacity 12 Pack/Packs per Day  Per 
Packaging Details Included - Software CDManualdeviceso
Keywords Software, Nuance-Dragon Naturallyspeaking Premium 11.5 Speech Recognition Indian Accent Software, Dagon NaturallySpeaking Speech Reco..., ADROIT Speech Recognition Service Provider, India
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Detailed Product Description

Say Goodbye to your Keyboard & Mouse

What if you could create email, documents and spreadsheets without touching your keyboard? What if you could control your computer just by talking to it? Now you can. With Dragon speech recognition software, you can turn your voice into text three times faster than most people type. Plus you can launch applications, open files, manage email and work on the Web -- all by voice.

Turn Talk Into Text

  • You talk and it types: fast and accurate transcription of spoken words
  • Quickly capture your thoughts and ideas in print anytime, anywhere
  • Work hands-free on your computer: open files, manage email and search the Web -- all by voice
  • Multiple product editions offer specific features for PC/Mac users and consumer/enterprise customers


Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium


Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium speech recognition software lets you control your digital world by voice — three times faster than typing. Turn ideas into text at the speed of thought. Tell your PC what to do and it does it. Create documents, send email, control applications, and navigate the Web — just by talking. Use a digital voice recorder and transcribe the audio files back at your PC. Dragon is your key to less stress and more success!



Meet Your New Personal Assistant:


Dragon Premium is that extra pair of hands you’ve always needed in your home office. It’s like a personal assistant on your computer than can help you get everything done in your busy day — just by talking!


Enjoy A whole New Way to Interact with Your PC

Turn talk into text so typing won’t slow you down. Use Dragon to control your entire computer by voice. Launch applications, open files, create spreadsheets, manage email and work on the Web just by speaking.


Work Comfortably ... Anywhere

Say goodbye to pain and repetitive stress injuries. Control your PC in a relaxed, hands-free mode. Dragon Premium works with a wireless headset (not included for great dictation accuracy without the wires. Or bring along your digital voice recorder (not included) when you head out for the day; Dragon Premium can transcribe the audio files of your voice when you return to your PC.


Use Your Favorite Applications

Dictate text into all the applications you rely on throughout your day — whether it’s a custom program for work, or your favorite instant messaging software.


Reduce Stress at Home, Work or Wherever Life Takes You

By using Dragon Premium to interact with your PC, you can experience new freedom to get more done faster — just by talking — for less stress and more success in your career, home management, school work, hobbies, and more!





Up to 99% speech recognition accuracy right out of the box

Creation of documents, reports, spreadsheets, or messages just by speaking

Ability to compose emails or search the Web for information faster than ever with Dragon Voice Shortcuts

Nuance Text-to-Speech technology that reads on-screen text in human-sounding synthesized speech

Dragon Voice Shortcuts that let you create email, schedule appointments, and search your desktop using simple voice commands

Creation of custom commands for inserting frequently used text and graphics or automating routine data entry

Ability to use Dragon with a Nuance-approved digital voice recorder and automatically transcribe your recorded voice

Support for multiple audio input devices; use Dragon with a wireless microphone, including Bluetooth

Support for Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and virtually any other Windows application

Audio playback of your dictation with the associated transcription highlighted on the screen for easier proofreading and correction

Ability to import/export custom word lists

Support for custom voice commands to quickly insert frequently used text and graphics




Turn Talk into Text

Say words and watch them appear on your computer screen in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more—three times faster than typing—with up to 99% recognition accuracy right out of the box.


Capture Your Creativity

Don’t let typing slow you down; transform ideas into text at the speed of thought. Play back what you’ve written for easy proofing.


Use Virtually Any Windows Application

Create reports, spreadsheets or presentations; send and manage email; schedule meetings; surf the Web; update your Facebook status; or download your favorite music —all by voice.


Multi-task Like Never Before

Tell your PC what to do, like "Send email to Jon Smith and Raphael Sanchez" or "Search the Web for Internet marketing companies in Boston, Massachusetts" to work faster and smarter. Complete multiple steps with a single command.


Work Your Way

Personalize Dragon with custom word lists and voice commands that reflect the kind of work you do. Set formatting preferences, too.


Be Productive on the Go

Use a Nuance-approved digital voice recorder from anywhere, at anytime and Dragon will automatically transcribe the audio files when you return to your PC. Wireless microphone support delivers even more convenience.


Improves financial performance by eliminating transcription costs and by increasing physician productivity compared to typing or “point and click” data entry into an EHR. Clinicians can now spend more time with patients or increase their patient load — leading to higher practice revenue — and dictate more detailed “medical decision-making” for each patient encounter.

Raises the quality of care by enabling clinicians to dictate, review and sign medical records in one step, allowing them to communicate clinical information more quickly to referring clinicians and patients alike. Faster, more complete medical records lead to care plans being put in place more quickly.

Increases clinician satisfaction by making the EHR easier to use by eliminating typing or “point and click” data entry of patient information.


 Types Of devices:


1. Dragon with wired(headset)device.

2. Dragon with wireless(bluetooth)device.

3Dragon with dictaphone-

. with wired

.with wireless







Nuance-Dragon Naturallyspeaking Premium 11.5 Speech Recognition Indian Accent Software

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