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Offer Of Pvc Lubricant (One Pack)

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Polyperse G910 is a new generation composite  external cum internal lubricant for all kind  of  PVC extrusion process.. With the use of Polyperse G910  all other lubricants inputs such as St.Acid, GMS, OP Wax, PE Wax, FT Wax   and various other expensive inputs are eliminated all together .


The extruder machines working temp. generally is between 175 DC to 195 DC. At such high temp. a wax with high melting point is required to sustain lubricating properties. Paraffin Wax or other such lubricants area a low melting point wax of around 55 DC to max.75 DC as against Polyperse G910  which has a congealing Point of   95-100 DC.


Polyperse G910 can lubricate the polymer compound  even with high doses of Calcium in a better way due to its Viscose nature when in molten form. The life of the screw barrel is enhanced due to proper coating on the polymer compound matrix. This results into direct saving in cost of maintenance of the spare parts.


Due to low flash point and more oil content Paraffin Wax or other such lubricants  tents to evaporate at working  machine temp. as against this PolyperseG910  is a high flash point wax with very negligible oil content. This results in retention and weight gain in Polymer article.  It is generally observed that the wait gain of Polyperse G910 is nearly 100%. It can be checked by weight of the pipe. Due to absolute wait gain, the customer gets full value of money of Polyperse back in form of pipe weight. Which means nil cost of input on lubricant front. This is a unique benefit which general waxes can not give.


Polyperse G910 also has modest UV protection and gloss impartation properties which is not available in Paraffin Wax or other such lubricants.


PolyperseG910  reduces the friction between the metal and melt polymer and saves the extra power consumption by reducing the load factor as compared to Paraffin Wax or other such lubricants. It is estimated that there is a direct saving of around 2.5% power when compared to Paraffin Wax usage.

Offer Of Pvc Lubricant (One Pack)

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