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Oxo-Degradable Plastic Bags

Product Details:

Brand D2W
Place of Origin India
Production Capacity 10000 Ton/Tons per Year  Per 
Packaging Details 25 kgs bags.
Keywords Packaging Bags, Oxo-Degradable Plastic Bags, D2W, HI-GREEN BIOENERGY, India
Category Packaging & Printing > Packaging Bags 
Payment Terms L/C,T/T,Western Union

Detailed Product Description

Plastic is a fundamental part of our busy lives. Not many people know that plastic is made from a by-product of oil which used to be wasted and that it makes good environmental sense to use it. Ordinary plastics can be re-used and recycled however if they get into the environment they can last for many decades. The solution is to add d2w additive when the plastic product is being manufactured -  making it  oxo-biodegradable or oxo-bio for short.

Oxo-bio plastic will degrade, then biodegrade, to water, CO2, biomass and trace-elements, on land or sea, in the light or dark, in heat or cold, in whatever timescale is required.  It leaves NO fragments NO methane and NO harmful residues. There is little or no extra cost, and during its service-life strength and other qualities are the same as ordinary plastic.

In accordance to our mission to provide ' eco-friendly products at logical prices', we have come up with this product oxo-bio plastic additive, to solve the environmental problem caused by tons of polythene & polyproplyene generated from packaging and other plastic applications.

Using d2w oxo-bio additive a polythene & polyprolyene range can be developed which is inherently degrdable and can degrade completely in a landfill(dumping ground) site or in compost.

d2w is a low-cost insurance against the accumulation of plastic waste in the environment.


The unique properties of plastics - strength, toughness and durability- are due to high molecular weight and the chemical bonding between the atoms. The degradation of plastics, which is constructed of carbon and hydrogen atoms, results from the rupture of carbon-carbon bonds leading to lowering of molecular weight and a resultant loss of strength and durability. This leads to the rapid breakdown of material when exposed to various environmental conditions.

Significantly, d2w  oxo-biodegradable plastics do not need a highly-microbial environment to degrade this will happen even if the plastic is left in the open air or in the sea! For this reason in particular, oxo-bio plastic is preferable to hydro-degradable eg starch-based plastic, which requires an active bio-environment before degradation will work.

A number of factors can accelarate degradation such as sunlight, heat and stress such as pulling and tearing. Once degradation is initiated either before or at the landfill(dumping ground) surface it will continue. The eventual result of the degradation is release of minute quantities of carbon dioxide and water.

Alternatively, when exposed to sunlight, photo-degradation would occur, allowing a complete breakdown of the film in CO2, water and biomass. It is an important feature of the material that there is no potential for leachate/watertable contamination as the additives are neither water soluble nor toxic in either degraded or un-degraded conditions.


d2w  oxo-biodegradable plastics have been extensively tested by RAPRA Technology, Europes leading independent plastics research establishment, and by other specialised test establishments around the world. They can pass all the tests prescribed by American Standard 6954-04 for Plastics that Degrade in the Environment by a Combination of Oxidation and Biodegradation. Product development is on-going and confirmation of degradability of our customers products is included in Symphonys routine quality-control procedures.


Other Characteristics

- Certified food safe.
- Environmentally safe
- Recyclate and recycling
- Waste management systems
- Reduce, reuse, recycle
- No additional cost.
- Adjustibe product life.
- Life cycle cost is low.

Major Application:-

  - Carrier and other bags both for consumer sale and not for sale 
  - Refuse sacks and bin liners, kerbside collections sacks
  - Mailing, polywrap and newswrap films
  - Packaging films including bread, freezer and produce bags
  - Collation shrink and stretch films
  - Agricultural films are currently being tested on farms in nine countries.  Nets and fibres are  also    in development.
  - Disposable plastic cutlery.
 - All other PE & PP products.


  - 70% more pollution than plastic bags.
  - Use 500% more raw material than Plastic bag.
  - Found to be 6 time more heavier.
  - Takes up 10 times more storage volume of plastic bags.
  - Takes 3 times more energy to make than plastic bags.
  - Takes 7 times the number of trucks to deliver the same number as of plastic bags.


d2wTM additive is added to the plastic granules at the extrusion stage. Just add 1% or recommended dosage of additive with the granules.One has to ensure equal distribution of the additive to the granules to enable proper results. A detailed usage guide would be available to you upon request.

Oxo-Degradable Plastic Bags

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