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home products Oxytetracycline La 30%

Oxytetracycline La 30%

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Oxytetracycline LA 30%

Oxytetracycline long acting Sterile injectable Solution


Each ml contains Oxytetracycline 300mg.


Oxytetracycline LA 30% is a formulation with its wide spectrum,its long term effect and it is effective against many gram positive and gram negative bacterium sensitive to Oxytetracycline in sensitive microorganisms and provides a bacteriostatic effect.


Temporary local reaction can be seen in application zone.


Its use during pregnancy and the development of female may cause color change in female.

DRUG INTERACTIONS:There is not any.


Meat:35 days.

Milk:7 days.


*Consult a veterinarian before use.

*Keep out of reach of children.

*It is not used for horses,dogs and cats.

*Do not store above 250C.

*Protect from light.

*Opened bottle should be consumed in 28 days.

*The color of the opened bottle may become darker after connecting with air however the efficiency of the drug stays constant.

Shelf life is 3 years.


Oxytetracycline LA 30% is difficient against many gram positive and negative bacterium sensitive to Oxytetracyline such as Bordatella spp.,Actinomyces spp.,pasteurella spp.,Streptococcus spp.,and some mycoplasma,rickettsia,protozoa and Chlamydia in sheep,cattle and goat.Oxytetracyline LA 30% is used in sustemic local infections seen offen,respirtory and urinary system infections and secondary bacterial infections.


Unless it is recommended otherwise by a veterinarian:

Cattle,sheep and goat:

3-4 days 20 mg/kg alive weight.(1ml/15kg)

4-6 days 30 mg/kg alive weight.(1.5ml/15kg)

It is applied deep intramuscularly.

Not should be applied more than 15 ml in the same injection zone,if necessary,total dose should be applied partially in different zones.

Oxytetracycline La 30%

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