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Pad Printing Inks

Product Details:

Brand RUCO
Model Number Pad printing T-20
Place of Origin Germany
Keywords Printing Inks, Pad Printing Inks, RUCO, Spinks India Pvt. Ltd., India
Category Packaging & Printing > Printing Materials >Printing Inks
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Detailed Product Description

The pad printing method is used for decorating bodies that have no flat surfaces. Important fields of application include the decoration of toys and sales-promoting items as well as bottle caps, plastic bottles, decorative elements in the automotive and furniture industries and many more.
 RUCO offers a comprehensive range of pad printing inks that have especially been developed and optimized with regard to the different demands placed by the above mentioned fields of application.

High-grade products of the glass, electrical, sports and automotive industries

  • High-gloss with excellent adhesion properties
  • Two-component pad printing inks
  • Glass, Acrylates, lacquered substrates, metal, Thermosets, polyamide, polycarbonate, pretreated PE, PP, polyurethane and rigid PVC
Two component pad printing ink for the print onto glass,lacquered surfaces, metal, thermosets, polyamide, polycarbonate,pre-treated polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), polyurethane and rigid PVC. Substrates may differ in their chemical structure or method of manufacture. A test for suitability must always be carried out before printing. Antistatic, Mould Release Agents and Slip Additives may have negative effects on adhesion, and should be detected and removed prior to printing.
This high glossy, physically drying and chemical reactive
two component screen printing ink exhibits good mechanical
and chemical resistance, as well as a good flexibility.
The colour shades of T20 are light fast, weather resistant
and guarantee high opacity. A special product test is recommended
prior to production.
The raw materials used meet with the limits stipulated by
the EEC regulation EN 71 (Safety of Toys), part 3 (Migration
of Certain Elements) of December 1994.
The basic ink mixing system consists of 12 basic colours
and may be used for the mixing of a wide colour shade
range. Field proven mixing formulations exist for Pantone

The basic colours of series B exhibit very good light fastness
as well as higher opacity than series G.

Light Yellow        B 1   T20- 2276
Medium Yellow    B 2   T20- 2280
Orange               B 3    T20- 3735
Light Red            B 4    T20- 3717
Red                    B 5    T20- 3737
Pink                    B 6    T20- 3736
Violet                  B 7    T20- 5602
Blue                    B 8    T20- 5581
Green                  B 91  T20- 6471
Brown                  B 10  T20- 8204
White                   B 11  T20- 1096
Black                   B 12  T20- 9068
Clear Base                     T20- 0069

Pad Printing Inks

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