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home products Pad Printing Machine V-60 Duo

Pad Printing Machine V-60 Duo

Product Details:

Brand Tampoprint
Model Number V- 60/ 90 DUO "Hermetic - System"
Place of Origin Germany
Keywords Printing Machinery, Pad Printing Machine V-60 Duo, Tampoprint, Spinks India Pvt. Ltd., India
Category Machinery > Printing Machinery 
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Detailed Product Description

V machine- 60/ 90/ 130

  • Dual tampon system for multicolor tampon printing.

  • Registration accuracy by means of rigid jig.

  • Flexible cliché and tampon stroke adjustment.

  • The 'V' represents the rigid, V shaped tampon bridge with the two tampons arranged on it at an angle of 60 degrees. This series features 2 color machines with an ink/ doctoring cup diameter of 60, 90 or 130 mm. The precise machines of the V series can print in 4 colors without problems when using divided doctoring cup and the rigid component holders. The inking system is arranged in parallel so that the cliché can be changed easily from the operator side.

  • And thanks to the eccentric screws (X , Y, and Z axis) it is easy to precisely set up both the clichés as well as the integrated tampon cleaning unit.

This tampon printing machine is a two-colour machine in modular design with the patented hermetically sealed ink/doctoring system. The printing units are arranged parallel to each other) and they are available with an ink/doctoring cup diameter of 60mm or 90mm. Combinations of these sizes are also possible (reduction of cliché costs). The ink delivery takes place via a fixed tampon bridge ) where the two tampons are arranged in an angle of 60 degrees. The cycles of the ink order, the double print function and the ink residue pick up system (tampon cleaning) can be selected as desired. The ink residue pick up system is mounted as a stationary component so that there are minimal waiting times when the ink residue pink up system is used. It can be bought as a standard accessory. In the program memory of the PLC control it is possible to store and call in at any time up to 5 different printing orders with their data of the tampon stroke, the workpiece position and ink residue pick up system as well as the complete cycle times. In the set-up mode the movement of the tampons and the cliché can be separately processed allowed easy conversion of the V 60/90 DUO. The output of the machine is max.1400 cycles for a one-or two colour print in one-colour printing mode (single print). For the production outside of the automation area only one workpiece carrier is necessary. The V-60/90 DUO is available as bench model or built-in machine.

Pad Printing Machine V-60 Duo

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