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Petro Bulk Seals

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Brand PetroBulkSealing
Model Number Various
Place of Origin Maharashtra India
Keywords Seals, Petro Bulk Seals, PetroBulkSealing, Taisal Trading Limited, India
Category Mechanical Parts & Fabrication Services > Seals 
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Detailed Product Description




Petrobulk sealing devices have been deeloped by a leading Hydrocarbon, Petrocheimcal Inspector, who pioneered the pre-formed plastic pilfer proof deals, and introduced them to the industry in 1981.


In recent times opening and reusing a sseal has become so rampant and simple, that all it needs is a few drops of super glue to restick and insert which has been forcibly pulled and broken off from its Capsule. The See-Through Petro-bulk seals have been developed to overcome this major drawback. Additionally the Petrobulk seals have an inherent proprty to deform.break in hot water, or on the insertion of any tool or deivce to forcibly pry it open. Its nove 'tunnelled' locking system will never yield to any external manipulations.


One side of the seal with your logo brighly coloured, is vividely visible against the crystal clear background of the seal. This gives the user a distinct advantage of an actual visual inspection of the seal at all times, to confirm beyond doubt, that the seal has not been tampered, or broken and restuck. In fact, this proporty of tranparency, clarity and the visual inspection/detection, are by themselves a discouragement to any intentions of tampering or foul play.


Petrobulk seals have dual identiacal numbers on each seal, so that duplication is most certainly out of question.


Petrobulk seals are hte most user freindly seals yet. They can be locked shut manually with utmost east, eliminiating cumbersom sealing pliers and the wasteful and time consuming exercise of positioning the jaws of teh plier in place and the fumbling exercise of positioning the jaws of the plier in place and the fmbling to enter teh strands of the sealing wire between the slit inthe plier. Sealing with Petrobulk seals is much simpler, much afaster, more economical, far less terdious and less tiring.


Petrobulk sealing devices have been painstakingly develope with a common sense approach. Its aim being perfection, efficiency and economy. The outstnading advantages of petro bulk sealing devices are more that obvious, thus making petro bulk a much superior seal and the only real pilfer proof, poilfer evident as well as user freindly seal available today.


We have the following products available:


PetroBulk see-through and Snap Shut sealing devices

- On Road Tankers; in the transportation of bulk liquids (oils & chemicals) & compressed/liquified/refrigerated gases.

- On Jerry cans & carboys

- On drums and Barrels

- On electric meters, flow meters and all other metering/ measuring machines.

- On couried bags, postal bags, Messenger bags, etc.

- On lockers, warehouse, vans, storage tanks & bins, etc.


PetroBulk Locktainer Strap Seal

- Chemical Containers/MS Drum rings

- Jumbo bags

- Courier bags

- Cargo containers

- Railway wagons

- Airline Industry

- Catering trolleys

- Catering trucks

- Checked baggage

- First aid kits, etc.

Petro Bulk Seals

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