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Pileoff-For Bleeding &Amp; Internal Piles &Amp; Fissures

Product Details:

Place of Origin Karnataka, India
Production Capacity 1000 Piece/Pieces per Month  Per 
Packaging Details 30 capsules in Plastic Bottle ( Piece ), $3.00 per Piece,
Keywords Herbal Medicine, Pileoff-For Bleeding &Amp; Internal Piles &Amp; Fissures, PILEOFF, Netaji Ayurvedic Research Centre, India
Category Health & Medical > Herbal Medicine 
Payment Terms L/C,T/T,PAYPAL

Detailed Product Description



Benefits of PILEOFF

Quick relief from pain

Arrest the bleeding

Heals tissues rapidly

Relief from constipation

Soften the hard stools





Haemorrhoids - Introduction.

Haemorrhoids are the swelling of the venous plexus of anorectal region which are very rich in blood supply. In extreme cases these veins will rupture and start to bleed.

This swelling or varicosity is caused by the continuous pressure put on veins during straining in defecation due to prolonged and persistent constipation and hard stools.

There are different degrees of classifications of haemorrhoids. But in general we can classify as ,


1st degree Haemorrhoid - Pile masses or the swollen veins come out of anus only during defecation & go inside immediately after defecation. Pain only during passing stools and no bleeding.


2nd degree Haemorrhoid - Pile mass come out of orifice during passing stools & go inside when manually put. Pain persists during and sometimes after defecation. Bleeding may be there may not be there. But in most of the cases there is bleeding.


3rd degree Haemorrhoid - Pile masses will always be outside and cannot be put inside even manually. Pain and Bleeding will be severe. Person is afraid of going to toilet.

These masses will trouble the person while sitting, driving and even walking.


What are the causes?

The main cause is prolonged constipation and hard stools. In turn there are many reasons for constipation. Such as less intake of fluids, excess driving, more spicy food, holding the urge of passing stools, excess straining etc.

What is the Treatment?

By Food - Lots of intake of water and other fluids, fibre food, raw veg, avoiding spicy and hard food.

By Medicine - The medicine should be in such a away that it should relieve constipation and heal the small wounds of venous rupture and reduce the pain.



What is PILEOFF?

It is the medicine that keeps moola region mrudu i.e anal region soft.

Moola in sanskrit means the center or the root and in ayurveda Guda or anus is considered as the central or the root part of Human being. So the word PILEOFF(MRUDUMOOLA).


How it works?

The ingredients of PILEOFF possess all the qualities which are needed in treatment of piles.

Kumari - It moistens the hard stools and act as mild laxative by promoting peristalsis of digestive tract.

Lajjalu - Arrests the bleeding by bringing contraction in small capillaries and blood vessels.

Mulaka - Absorbs the excess heat from body and facilitates the easy passage of stools.

Hingu - Heals the capillary ruptures and lessens the pain.


* So PILEOFF can be considered as the best drug of choice in the treatment of piles and fissures.



1 cap in morning , 2 caps at bed time with butter milk.

The therapy will be more effective if administered with Abhayarishta. For best result dose should be continued for 2 - 3 months.


Side effects

Ffrom side effects.


Contra indications

Pregnancy and lactation.

Pileoff-For Bleeding &Amp; Internal Piles &Amp; Fissures

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