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Piston Digital Control Valves

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Piston Digital Control Valve is an electrically actuated,hydraulicallyoperated multi-function control valve. It can be used forlocal as wellas remote controlled batching operations with electronicbatchcontroller. The valve also offers an in-built flow governingfunction.


  • Precision multi-stage opening & closing.
  • Fail-safe design.
  • Low Pressure Drop.
  • Bubble-tight seat design.
  • Flow Rate Control.


ThePistonValve basically consists of a spring loaded piston, sliding inthe guideliner, & two solenoid valves. Normally open (NO) solenoidconnectsthe chamber above the piston to the upstream pressure, whereasnormallyclosed (NC) solenoid connects the chamber above the piston tothedownstream pressure. Operation of the Piston Valve is simple &isexplained below.

Piston isalways exposed tohigh upstream pressure from its bottom side, whereaspressure above thepiston (forming a closed chamber with the cover) canbe varied with thehelp of solenoid valves.

Initiallyboth NO &NC solenoid valves are in de-energised condition. The NOsolenoidapplies high upstream pressure on top side of the piston,whereas the NCvalve prevents this pressure from getting drained to thedownstreamside. The valve remains close as a result of this.

WhenbothNO & NC solenoid valves are energised, the pressure from abovethepiston starts draining to the downstream side. This createsadifferential pressure across the piston, the high upstreampressureacting from below the piston pushes it up in the liner, whichallowsthe flow to gradually start through the valve.

IfNCsolenoid valve is de-energised anytime, it stops draining ofpressureabove the piston & therefore the valve locks at thecurrent flowrate.

When bothNO & NC solenoid valves arede-energised, high upstream pressure isapplied over the piston, whichpushes it down to close completely overthe valve seat to achievebubble-tight shut-off.

Usingan electronic batchcontroller, the opening & closing of the valvecan be digitallycontrolled & can be made into multiple stages.

Rate of Flow Control

Whenanumber of flow meters are connected to the same pump, stopping(orstarting) one or more meters increases (or decreases) the flow rateatthe remaining meters. When the flow rate increases, the NO solenoidisenergised momentarily. This injects some high pressure over thepiston& makes the valve to throttle, in order to maintain the setflowrate. If the flow rate decreases, the NC solenoid isenergisedmomentarily. This allows slight draining of of the pressure&allows the valve to open further in order to maintain the setflowrate.

Note The numberof stages duringopening & closing are programmed in the batchcontroller & canbe as many as desired. One stage during opening& two during closingare recommended.


  • Road Tanker & Rail Wagon gantry filling.
  • Custody Transfer & Inventory Control
  • Batching, Blending & Dispensing in petroleum, petro-chemical & process control industries.


  • PistonValve can be supplied with flameproof Limit Switches to giveelectricalsignal to annunciator regarding the valve position - open orclosed.
  • Standard Valve is supplied with 230 V AC solenoids, other voltage solenoids can be supplied on request.


Valve Body

Cast Steel ASTM A 216 WCB.

Piston & Liner

Phosphor Bronze.

Seat Ring

Stainless Steel AISI 304.


Stainless Steel AISI 304.

Rubber Parts

Nitrile & Viton.

Solenoid Valves

Stainless Steel AISI 304.

Control Tubing & Pipe Fittings

Stainless Steel AISI 304.



Electrically actuated, hydraulically operated.


80 mm, 100 mm.
Flow Range
2000 LPM maximum.

End Connections

ASA 150 RF.

Maximum Working Pressure

10.54 kg/cm2.


Up to 70o C.

Solenoid Operating Voltage

230 Volts AC, 50 Hz.
Downstream of Flow Meter.

Piston Digital Control Valves

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