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Plant Growth Stimulant

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Model Number SIV2/PGR/L
Place of Origin West Bengal India
Production Capacity 30000 Liter/Liters per Month  Per 
Keywords Fertilizer, Plant Growth Stimulant, SUPERGRO, SIVECHEM, India
Category Chemicals > Agrochemicals >Fertilizer
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APPLICATION                     :           As growth supplement for better crop output.



A hydrolysate of nutrients from certain plants produced employing a unique multi-level still fermentation technology.  It contains a host of substances that help in uniform growth of plants with substantial increase in crop output. The product is organic.



Since the product is a botanical extraction, the content levels may vary. All the contents are derived from plant sources.



Nicotinic acid, Pyrixodine

& Thiamine

These ingredients promote metabolism, causes physiological reactions and protect chlorophyll level. Helps in break down of carbohydrates and proteins.

Amino acids – L-Lysine and Proteins

Plants assimilate L lysine amino acid, one of the essential amino acids for pollination. It increases the pollen germination and the length of the pollen tube. Proteins have structural metabolism transport and amino acid stock function.

Carbohydrates / Sachharides

Promotes photosynthesis. Provides energy through metabolism pathways.




Photosynthesis accounts for up to 90% of the plant growth.  The plant produces its foods (carbohydrates) in leaves by utilizing sunlight and atmospheric carbon dioxide. Normally efficiency of photosynthesis in plant is only 0.15% as against a potential of 6%.


Thus there is tremendous potential for an increase in economic yield by enhancing the rate of photosynthesis. This also improves the corresponding physiological processes like nutrient and water uptake through root development, nutrient utilization efficiency, improved source link relationship, reduced photorespiration losses, promotes cell division and cell expansion.  Protein synthesis; root initiation and development, reduces flower and fruit dropping, improves yield and shelf life of fruits and vegetables, helps to withstand stress conditions like drought, frost and attack of insect by improving immunity, improves rate of absorption of fertilizers, in case of weak, the whole plant springs back to its full potency and yielding level etc.


DILUTION : 2 ml per litre of water.


Plant Growth Stimulant

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