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Poly Aluminum Chloride

Product Details:

Brand AC100s
Place of Origin India
Production Capacity 5000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month  Per 
Packaging Details Enclosed in product details.
Keywords Inorganic Salts, Poly Aluminum Chloride, AC100s, S V S CHEMICAL CORPORATION, India
Category Chemicals > Inorganic Chemicals >Inorganic Salts
Payment Terms L/C

Detailed Product Description

The product is produced by largst manufacturer of Mercury free PAC in India. It has state-of-the-art PAC manufacturing plant which was set up with Italian technology. The company has an experience of more than a decade in designing tailor made solutions of PAC to meet customers' requirements.

It is an Aluminium based coagulant used in water treatment, paper sizing and affluent treatment. It's an inorganic chemical having polymeric structure and is soluble in water.

PAC Liquid
AC/100 SWater Treatment
Arya PACWater Treatment (High Basicity)
SAB 18Neutral Paper Sizing & Effluent Treatment
SAB 18/5Acidic Paper Sizing
PAC Powder
AC/100 SWater Treatment
Arya PACWater Treatment (High Basicity)
SAB 18Neutral Paper Sizing &
AC 190Effluent Treatment
PAC Liquid
ParticularsAC 100SARYA PACSAB 18/5SAB 18
Alumina as Al2O3%(w/w)9.7±0.210.5±0.313.5±0.317.5±1.0
Sp Gravity at 20 degree C1.2±0.051.21±0.021.32±0.021.37±0.02
pH of aqueous solution (w/v)3.5±0.5 (5%)3.0±0.5 (Neat)3.4±0.4 (5%)3.4±0.3 (5%)
Chloride % (w/w)11.5±1.010.0±0.522.0±2.021.5±1.5
Sulphate % max2.72.5NilNil
Basicity %40.0±5.064.0±4.0-45.0±5.0
Mercury & Lead (ppm)NDNDNDND
PAC Powder
ParticularsAC 100SARYA PACSAB 18
Alumina as Al2O3%(w/w)29.0±1.030.0±1.530.0±1.0
Bulk Density0.75±0.10.90±0.100.75±0.10
pH of aqueous solution (w/v)3.5 - 5.0(1%)3.7 - 5.0(1%)3.5 - 5.0(1%)
Chloride % (w/w)31.0±2.029.0±2.033.0±2.0
Sulphate % max10.065.0±4.047.0±5.0
Basicity %43.0±4.065.047
Mercury & Lead (ppm)NDNDND
Liquid PAC is supplied in rubber-lined tankers and PAC powder is supplied in 25 Kgs HDPE bags with two inner liners.
Loadability in 20' container
SAB 18 Powder19 MTs
AC 100 S Powder18 MTs
Other Details
ITC Classification: 28273200
UN No. 1760
IMO Classification: 8 - Corrosive Substance
IMDG No. 8070

Poly Aluminum Chloride

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