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Poultry Health Care Medicine

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Liquid: Each 10 ml contains

Tricholine Citrate          1800mg

Protein Hydrolysate           125mg

Fresh Liver Extract            800mg

Vitamin B12                         10mcg

Inositol                                  14mg

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane200mg

Selenium                              8mcg

Vitamin E                              30mg

Biotin                                     10mcg

Base enriched with milk protein, detoxifiers and amino nitrogen.


Inositol, Tricholine Citrate, Protein Hydrolysate, Methionine, Liver Extract, Selenium, Vitamin B12, Biotin & Vitamin E, in a base fortified with milk protein derivatives, toxin binders, mould inhibitors and fermentation fractionates.


uses & indications

   Protects and stimulates liver in stress

    due to exogenic and endogenic toxins.

   Combats the ill effects of epatopathies

    and nephropathies.

    Breaks down triglycerides to prevent

    fatty changes.

   Prevents and controls fat deposition in


    Reduces incidence and severity of  

    Gout, Ascites and Leechi.

    Nullifies or reduces the ill effects of         

    Toxin in feeds.

    Stimulates lipase to prevent lipid     


    Stimulates the production of alpha and 

    Beta  lipoproteins.

    Stimulates the function of kidneys in

    maintaining water-salt equilibrium

    Accelerates the detoxification of toxic


    Increases nutrient utilization

    Better weight gain in broilers and egg

    production in layers and breeders

    Better livability and profitability.

Dosage or Packing


Suggested Usage

Feed Premix Layers  500gms per ton regularly.  Broilers, layer chicks, layer growers and Breeder birds 500gms 1Kg per ton regularly.

Liquid 10 to 15ml per 100 broilers, layers and layer breeders. 25 to 30ml per 100 broiler breeders.  During incidence of metabolic disorders like fatty liver, ascites, gout and leechi, administer 20 to 30ml per 100 birds for 7 days.  Or as recommended by the veterinarian.


Premix 10Kg Crafted paper bag,

                20Kg Crafted paper bag

PP-Crafted Water Proof Bag

Liquid 500ml,

               1Ltr, 5ltr, 20 ltr.

               All HDPE container.



Poultry Health Care Medicine

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