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Power Saver

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Brand oglowpower
Model Number sa0404
Place of Origin India
Keywords Energy Saving Equipment, Power Saver, oglowpower, sadf, India
Category Machinery > Energy Saving Equipment 
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                                                                      POWER SAVER


All electric equipment/appliances efficiency reduces with time, sometimes as new as 3 month old appliance. As the appliances age increase, it will consume more power without being realized and result to higher electricity bills.

As Technology advances, many household have more and more gadgets and equipments with different power requirements and wire sized affecting voltage and current consumption. Unstable supply voltages increase in resistance due to wire size and poor power supply, which may result in power loss or sometimes even fire.

Extra electrical power can also be lost naturally when being transmitted (called wire loss) or at the instant of turning on the power equipment.

All of our electricity supply is subject to surges from time to time, which result in spikes that can be damaging to your household electrical appliances.
These spikes simply consume electricity, resulting in overheating, which shortens the life of our electrical appliances and wiring of our home. In extreme cases electrical spikes can cause burns, blow outs and even power cuts.

Using Electricity saver can
1. Can reduce electrical power loss by up to 40% and more.
2. Prolong the life of electric equipments by 1.5 times
     Improve quality of electricity supplies. Make stable and safe.
3. Save up to 40% and more on electricity expense, results will vary.
4. Save up to 40% of expense on electricity bill
5. Easy to use and no wiring needed. Just plug and start saving.
6. Prolong your electrical appliances life span and maintenance cost.
7. Enhances quality of electricity supplies. Make supplies stable and safe.
8. Reduce temperature of wire.

In single phase household monthly comsumption of 800kwh, you will only need one PowerSaver; if it is over 800kwh, you will need two PowerSavers for better result. For three phase household, it is recommended that you apply one PowerSaver on each phase.Please consult your technician for the location to install the PowerSaver.

Frequently ask qus

Q1. WHY does Electricity saver save electrical power?

In today's market, we can find lots of appliances called energy-saving products, for example, energy-saving refrigerators, energy-saving televisions, energy-saving lights, energy-saving air conditioners etc.
Electricity saver is actually based on the same principle, what this device does is to enhance the efficiency, extending an appliance to a whole consumption system of electrical power supply.

Q2. Is the use of Electricity saver illegal?

NO. The Electricity saver is just like a common household appliance that you can plug into any outlet in your home. S0, it is absolutely LEGAL , approved and CE certified.

Q3. Is there any danger to use Electricity saver?

Electricity saver is very safe. It does not contain lead and does not consume electrical energy, so it never generates heat, and there is no danger in using it.

Q4. How to use Electricity saver?

Simply plug it in any of your home outlet and it will start saving power for you. 

Q5. How many Electricity savers do I need?

We recommend one Electricity saver if your monthly average consumption is 800kwh or less. If your monthly consumption is above 800kwh, then you will need two Electricity savers for maximum savings.

Q6. How is the saving effect of the Electricity saver?

This Electricity saver has passed many tests and verifications at various certifications levels, and has demonstrated its capability to save up to 10-40% on electrical power usage. It has been inspected under strict conditions and it is non electrical energy consumption. It stabilizes voltage, reduces current, enhances Power Factor of appliances, and extends the life span of appliances.

 Q7. Is Electricity saver effective on any appliances?

This product applies to many kinds of appliances such as air conditioners, televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, electric fans, motors, pumps stereos, etc.Please refer to below table for more information on other appliances.

Q8. What is the construction and principal of Electricity saver?

The Electricity saver is sealed in vacuum unit. Disassembling the unit may cause damage to the Electricity saver itself. The saving principal will not be described here for reason of business secrecy how ever the product consists of a highly effective with especially designed power control chip, making it possible to enhance RF and reduce power waste more efficiently.
 Electricity saver is suitable for inductive & capaciture appliances as stated below

   1. Air conditioners
   2. Water pump
   3. Air cooler
   4. Mixer / Grinder
   5. Refrigerator
   6. Air purifier
   7. Television
   8. Vaccum cleaner
   9. Washing Machines
  10. Tubelight
  11. Music systems
  12. Fans
  13. Computer

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Power Saver

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