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Power Tiller

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Brand V.S.T
Model Number 130 DI
Place of Origin Uttar Pradesh India
Packaging Details standard or as per requirements.
Keywords Other Farm Machinery, Power Tiller, V.S.T, B.D.J INTERNATIONAL, India
Category Machinery > Farm Machinery >Other Farm Machinery
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  • We are dealer/distributor for V.S.T/Mitsubishi Power Tiller. Our Mini Power Tiller is non-controversial so far as the displacement of labor is concerned. In fact power tiller sets all such controversies at rest since it engages more labor per unit of land than tractor and bullock farms and is particularly useful in the intensive cultivation of paddy as has been the experienced in India. Farmers particularly of paddy areas which comprise 28 % of the arable land in the country face the challenging task of timely preparation of seed bed and transplanting of paddy seedlings. The existing manual labor and animal power do not deliver the quality of seed-bed which the genetically potential HYVs of paddy demand. In addition to seed bed preparation, many other operations like interculture, plant protection, harvesting, threshing, irrigation etc. can be successfully accomplished by our Power Rotary Tiller. We are counted among the supreme V.S.T/Mitsubishi Power Tiller dealers in India.

V.ST SHAKTI 130 DI POWERTIILER comes with 13h.p 4 stroke single cylinder water cooled DI diesel engine along with 18 blade 600mm tilling width rotary. It can be used for different purpose as follows:

  • Power-tiller has the following equipment attached for your advantage and profits. Plougher (dry & wet) used for alternating of soil at a depth of 10" by interchangeable double plough.
  • Tiller: Used for pulverizing of soil both in dry & wet land by means of straight and bend dynes attached to the rotary.
  • Ridger: Used for making dyke in the field after cultivation for vegetables or orchards.
  • Seed driller: Used for sowing seeds with manure.
  • Sprayer: Used for spraying medicine in the field as and when required.
  • Pump: Used for drawing water from well or river to irrigate the field.
  • Harvester: Used for harvesting paddy, wheat, bajra, jowar etc.
  • Thrasher: Used for separating grain from plant after harvesting.
  • Generator: Used for generating current approx 7.5 kv for lighting, pumping etc.
  • Weeder: Used to clear weeds in the field which in turn forms composite manure.

 It is featured by its simple and compact structure, good reliability long servier life easy operation ,ample output ,light weight and good cross-country ability.


It is very suitable for use in paddy fields ,dry fields , orchards.vegetable gardens and lilly land with a little inclination. It can be used for ploughing, rototilling ,harrowing in paddy fields, harvestion, drilling,ditching,transportation and etc.

The  Power Tiller is capable of weeding one hectare of land in a day with the help of an operator and two laborers. These are engine operated mini power tiller and are developed for weeding and inter culture between rows of crops like coconut, banana, maize, tapioca, cotton, pulses, sugarcane, sorghum, mango and grape


Power Tiller

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