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Pre-Employment Screening, Employee Background Check

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Does my company really need pre-employment screening?

Pre-employmentscreening is not limited to the extent of verifying candidate's degreesand experience letters as there are a number of internal/ externalfactors that need to be addressed, along with certain socialresponsibilities.


National Security: Terrorists sneaking into IT industries, medical profession, etc

Terrorismthreat has been looming large over the world and it is not only real,but has also managed to defy geographical, educational and professionalboundaries. Extremists have managed to impeach security across theglobe in disguise of doctors, pilots, engineers and softwareprofessionals. Terrorism is no longer restricted to local or nationalfrontiers and the fact that they manage to conceal their identity andmingle with others make them more lethal and dangerous.


Corporate Social Responsibility:Every company takes pride in team work and profits. Though the mainobjective is to increase share holder value, somewhere, it has to playa larger role, giving back to the society in which it operates andreducing government dependency for social change. It is not limited tocharity as it has larger implications for the nation as a whole. Suchactivities involve high level of interaction with various governmentdepartments, exposing employees to political manipulation andcorruption, hence; defeating the main purpose of society benefit. In anut shell, right set of people are required to play this roleresponsibly and honestly. 

Hazard to other employees:

Sexual harassment

Itis imperative that a company provides safe & secure environments toall the employees, across all levels. Big corporate houses havededicated cells to deal with matters related to sexual harassment butsmall & medium companies have to run the show with Human Resourceteams that may not be very effective in combating this menace. Anefficient back ground check not only makes up for lack of such cellsand policies by recognizing potential trouble makers, it also detersothers.


Mental Disorders:

Someof the mental disorders may not be permanent in nature, varying fromviolent fits, blackouts to acute depression that may last for hours (oreven minutes!), before the patient regains consciousness. Instances ofpatients resorting to extreme step of committing suicide at work havegone up considerably in this part of the world as well and a number ofcompanies operating from high rises will testify it reluctantly. Suchpatients can be a grave threat to life as well as property on a badday. A background medical check will help your management identifysuspects pre or post recruitment.


One Bad Apple:

Onebad apple can prove toxic to the entire lot. Look around any companyand you will come across at least one person whose negative conductaffects the rest of the team to varying degrees. A perpetual cribbermay not come across as a big problem to the management but can playhavoc with team moral or can to the extent of sabotaging tangible/ nontangible assets. It is a known fact that such behaviour develops over aperiod of time and this is where past experience verification comeshandy.


Litigation Costs:

Changingsecurity dynamic and high litigation costs have made it important foran employer to be well informed about his prospective hires. The lastthing an employer wants along with a new hire is a lawsuit that wreckshavoc on company's goodwill and integrity. A hiring mistake can lead toorganisations's goodwill and advantageous positioning over competitionbuilt over years, evaporating in days.


Exaggeratedcredentials, misleading facts, forged documents and faked CVs are thenorm of the day, exposing companies to financial, reputation and legalrisks.

Pre-Employment Screening, Employee Background Check

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