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Brand PTK
Place of Origin Haryana India
Packaging Details STANDARD PACKING
Keywords Cutting and Forming Tools, Ptk, PTK, PRECISIONTOOLS & KNIVES, India
Category Machinery > Machine Tools Accessory >Cutting and Forming Tools
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Since 1977, we at PTK have been manufacturing Toolings for (A) . Cold Rolling Mills – 20 Hi Mills particularly  (B) Tube Mills (C) Knives for Paper Industry  (D) Peripherals for Pressure Die Casting Process.


Quality Base


Since availability of Raw materials for user-oriented requirements was a problem, we developed  in-house raw material manufacturing skills thru ESR – Route  due to which purest grade of Tool-Steels are produced in-house.  Then depending upon the Tool – requirements the material is further processed for Rounds Flats or sections.  The presence of ESR facility paves  way  for availability of best of the best forms of Tool Steels which is very essential for any type of Tool. 


Cold Rolling Mill Rolls for 20 Hi Mills:  Work Rolls, IMRs and Drive Rolls are made as per customer’s drawings from D2 (MV) grade HDS (Modified) respectively .  Rolls made by us perform to the total satisfaction of Roller .  No premature failure or linear crack / spalling is observed in the Rolls made by us.  A user’s delight,  the Work Rolls made by us made the user have 100% satisfaction.  Since tempered at the temperature higher than the rolling temperature the  Roll never fails and total value for money is recovered by the user.


Similarly IMRs & Driver Rolls are made out ESR Grade forged Rounds of HDS (Modified) .  In ESR materials due to total absence of gases and non-metallic inclusions, the forged rounds are just a perfect match for the rolling operations wherein 100% results are achieved, by the Roller.





Slitting Line Toolings:-


HR Slitting Knives – Spacers & Over Arm Toolings made by us for last 30 years are a users delight giving him 100% satisfaction for all reasons.  No edge chipping is the guarantee of our Slitting  Knives . Parallelism of both the surfaces within the closest range makes the knife perform to it is very best.

Similarly – Spacers too fully hardened and ground to the best tolerances make the Tooled-up Slitting arbor,  the Slitting operation total  burr free and hassles free operation.


Tube Mill Toolings


Tube Mill Rolls made from conventionally forged material from Ingot Route do not perform well.  This is due to the fact the Rolls – profile area is having loose grain structure due to poor reduction of the Ingot  in most of the cases .Whereas in ESR grade steel the grain structure right from the centre of the round to the OD of the rounds is just perfect and as such in profile are  the grain structure is not a problem and as such the rolls made by us never fail (Spall / Crack) – Rolls are again all made out of D-2 (MV) grade .  Only the Welding Rolls are made out of HDS.


For On Line Tube Cutting – Alpha shears, CoC Knives or Friction Saws are made by as below:-

Alpha Shears                -From HSS – 6/5/2   & M-35

CoC Knives                 -From HSS  - 6/5/2   & M-35

Friction Saw                 -From SKS – 5 (C-Ni-Cr Steel)

To the Total Customer satisfaction.


Circular Knives / Long Knives


Made out ESR – Forged / Rolled Sheet Flats & Rounds in M-2 / M-35 /  T-4 / D-2 / H-11 / H-13 – suitable for all application as per customers’  drawings -  to give trouble free working.




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