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Pulse Transmitter

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Solid state Pulse Transmitter provides fast & accurate signalingfor remote indication, totalizing & data monitoring systems. It ismounted directly on Flow Meter output shaft.


  • High resolution of 100 pulses / revolution, dual channel
  • Very low power requirement.
  • Low driving torque places minimum load on Flow Meter shaft.
  • Not affected by line vibration.
  • Explosion proof housing certified by CMRI, Dhanbad, India for use inGroup IIA & IIB hazardous areas.
  • Wide operating range within 1000 metres of receiving instrument.


Theunit consists of a precisely slotted disc rotating through a solidstate optical switch which houses an infrared light source & alight sensitive diode. The optical switch detects the passage of theslots on the disc as the input shaft rotates & translates them withthe help of an in-built electronic circuit into positive square waveoutput pulses. One revolution of the input shaft produces 100 pulses atthe output.


  • Operating remote Electronic Counters to indicate Flow Meter throughput.
  • Operating Preset Counters to control preset quantities through the Flow Meter.
  • Operating flow recording & flow rate indicating instruments.
  • Data acquisitions systems.



Aluminium Alloy.

Input Shaft

EN1A Steel


EN1A Steel.


Glass epoxy green masked.



  • Optical serrated disc type.

Power Input

  • 12V DC from counting instrument.
Output Pulse
  • 100 pulses / revolution, 50% duty cycle ( dual channel output with 90o phase shift).

Current Output

  • 20 mA pulse setting.


  • Bi-directional.

Input Shaft Speed

  • 800 RPM maximum.

Power Dissipation

  • 0.4 watts.
Operating Environment
  • -40o C to +80o C.

Storage Environment

  • -55o C to +125o C.
Housing Operating Range
  • Explosion proof as per IS:2148 certified by CMRI, Dhanbad, India for use in Group IIA & IIB hazardous area.
  • Weather proof to IP 65.
Operating Range
  • 1000 metres maximum from receiving instrument.
Operating Torque
  • 150 gram-cm approx.

Pulse Transmitter

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