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Ready Homes

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Brand Ready homes
Model Number Fibreglass shelter
Place of Origin Haryana India
Production Capacity 5000 Square Foot/Square Feet per Day  Per 
Packaging Details packed in gunny bags and plastic sheets
Keywords Prefab Houses, Ready Homes, Ready homes, Ready Homes Enterprises, India
Category Construction & Real Estate > Real Estate >Prefab Houses
Payment Terms L/C,T/T,Western Union

Detailed Product Description

Benefits of a SPD

i)                   DOMES are highly insulated

Insulation is high because of the Dome shape and sandwitch panels filled with PUF which is an insulating material. The Polyurethene foam used in the Dome panels has the highest insulation value, of the building materials used today. Because of the high quality foam placement wihin the walls the insulation value as high as R-39 can be obtained which makes is incredibly energy efficient. It has been tested in USA that over 50-70 % energy savings can be made over the conventional structures.

ii)                 Aerodynamic shape

Aerodynamic shape and strong structures make Dome buildings virtually wind proof.

In 1995 Hurricane Opal caused lots of devastation. The strong  concrete pillars fell down but It was only the Dome house that remained unaffected and withstood 144 MPH winds and 18 feet high tidal waves.

iii)         DOMES is fire retardant

The exteriors and the interiors of DOMES are coated with approved fire retardant  paint and are non combustible. In extreme cold climatic conditions like Leh and Laddakh where Oil Bukharis are in vogue and the risk of fire is high, the DOMES minimizes the risk and thus saving the risk of life and material. Fire retardation means that the structure if come in contact with fire will first resist till very high temperature and if fie is ignited it shall not spread the fire nor emit flames but fire will limit to the area being ignited or heated.

 iv)       DOMES has high impact resistance (8000 psi) & high structural load bearing capacity.

Because of the high load bearing capacity of 4 tons per sq inch it can withstand snow upto 20 Mtr high and which makes it possible to mount a water tank of 10,000 Lts. Not only this a Solar panel, A solar heater can also be accommodated at the same time. The high load bearing capacity makes these shelters highly durable which can last upto 50 yrs or more whereas other prefabricated structures are less durable and last for 3-5 yrs only.

Impact resistance is also useful and protects the inmates in times of natural calamities, like floods, tornadoes etc when uprooted trees, pebbles, or any other thing hit the DOMES surface. To test this quality you may try to hit the DOMESwith Iron hammers. Yes it can withstand sledge hammer blows.


v)         DOMES is bullet proof.

DOMES are bullet proof and bullet tests have confirmed the same.

On 20th march 2002 Lab test reports added some surprising features to these panels.









With the research of over six years completely bullet and bomb proof structures were created which can be procured on special orders and additional cost. 

So now its a reality and not a dream that a prefab structure can be made to protect the inhabitants from bullets and bomb splinters.


vi)        Easy to erect and dismantle.

Gone are the days of worries for construction. DOMES can be erected within 5-6 hrs time and can be dismantled within 3-4 hours.

No loss is involved in erecting and dismantling. SO do it as many times as you want.

In disaster relief areas where shelter needs are immediate and acute DOMES is the best choice.


vii)       Provision to create camouflage.

 DOMES can be made in any desired color. As the color is mixed in the outer Gel coat, the color is also long lasting as SPD. Thus a camouflage and beautiful looks can be delivered. For example in snow covered areas white DOMES and in deserts light grey DOMES can be erected to create a camouflage. The DOMES can also be made in multicolor to meet the demands of the consumers.  


vii)       Protection from Nuclear and Biological Chemical weapons.

DOMESis non reactive of the Chemical Biological weapons thus the inmates stay safe and secure in places where NBC threat is present. DOME is completely insulated and doesnt react with any chemical. The material used in making the DOMES also doesnt disintegrate with the use of any acid or nuclear reactions.



With DOMES possibilities are galore. From a small hutment to an aircraft hanger, resorts, huge warehouses, shops or rental units, full fledged accommodations to hotels or motels anything and everything is possible with the SPD.

Dome shelters are highly used in India and abroad for various purposes. To mention a few of them:


DOMES are used by Indian Army for training and residential purposes.

Its been used by ---- battalion Jodhpur, --- Udhampur, and also used in Auli( UKhand), Boing nuclear project a at Marshall islands,

Not only houses but huge ware houses and air craft hangers of 16 feet, 20 and 40 height are possible with SPD.

DOMES has provision for all he typical amenities required for comfortable and modern living.

These include:

Heating and air conditioning




Oil Bukhari

Stove and oven


Washing machines

Ceiling fans

Carpets and flooring etc


DOMES is not only limited to construction of houses and warehouses but has broadened its areas to the construction of jails / prisons. The jail of Russelville Alabama USA is an ideal example Lets see how the jail facility has been in place.

Lets have a look at some DOMES interiors around the globe. These interiors are as good as concrete interiors and the best part being that you can shorten or expand the area at your will, anytime and anywhere..


To understand the DOMES better we shall compare it with the modern concrete structures, tents and other prefabricated structures available in the market today. 

Ready Homes

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