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Readymade Biogas Plants

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Brand Oris
Place of Origin Kerala India
Keywords Biogas, Readymade Biogas Plants, Oris, Oris, India
Category Energy > Biogas 
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We introduce an innovative ready-made biogasplant that is easy to transport, install and use. The idea and the product havebeen the natural result of thoughts and researches for real-time solutions fromthe ever-growing issue of waste disposal. Getting rid of waste has been aconstant problem that most of us face. It is interesting that this nasty waste canbe converted to useful biogas and fertilizer by installing simple biogas plants.The working principle is natural and simple. When any biodegradable substancedecays in the absence of Oxygen, combustible gases(methane)are released. Thesegases are called biogas and  are finesubstitutes for L.P.G. The bye products of the process are excellentfertilizers rich in N.P.K that  cannurture flower gardens and vegetable farms. It is simple in design consistingof a decay chamber, a gas collector and PVC tubing for waste inlet and outlet. Theentire process is completely natural and safe. Any decomposing waste may befed  to the plant. Typically, remainsfrom the kitchen, night soil, bird  oranimal droppings, vegetable/fish/chicken/meat market waste, etc. become feedmaterial depending on availability.

Readymade Biogas Plants

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