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Recycling Machines --Water Treatment Projects

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Deep Seawater
  • Air and water pollution is on the rise with chemical substances and heavy metals being detected from drinking water. Reverse osmosis (RO) method is effective against elimination of not only salt but also bacteria, chemical substances and heavy metals to desalinate seawater and obtain drinking water.

  • This facility is now functioning in Japan and has been provided to Indonesia, Korea, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan.

  • It is possible to treat 500 liters fed water per hour.

  • In Indonesia, 200m2 drinking water is generated per day by this facility which is supported by Japan's ODA. Local resident purchase prepaid cards in advance and get water from tanks by themselves.

  •  It is necessary to consider how to supply the water for residents equally.

  • Sample bottles were produced at the facility in Japan. The bottles were used for in-fight services of Japan's ANA (All Nippon Airways).


Areas that have no limited surface water or groundwater may choose to desalinate seawater to obtain drinking water. There are two leading methods of desalination; Reverse osmosis (RO) and Multi-stage flash.

Multi-stage flash is a desalination process that distills seawater by flashing a portion of the water into steam in multiple stages. These desalination plants are used in the Middle East, especially Saudi Arabia because the energy requirements of the plants are very large. In the last decade, Reverse osmosis (RO) method has grown very fast, and most new facilities use it. Because no heating or phase changes are needed energy requirement are low in comparison to other process of desalination.

Recycling Machines --Water Treatment Projects

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