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Rice Husk Ash

Product Details:

Brand Processed RHA
Place of Origin India
Production Capacity 10000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Year  Per 
Packaging Details With processed final product filled in 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg hdpe / pp double lined poly bags which filled in a cartoon pack. After sealing the cartoon pack it is wrapped with double polyethylene shrink ( stretch film ) & then stacked in a wooden pallet or packaging as per direction of the esteemed buyer. Container capacity 16 MT to 24 MT for different product carriage..
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Payment Terms L/C

Detailed Product Description

We are one of the best manufacture/ processor/ exporter of silica based Rice Husk Ash (RHA) flakes, powder( micro silica) & nodules (balls) in the world which is widely used as best insulating materials for steel industry & for cement  & construction industry as it contains maximum percentage of amorphous silica. Also research work is running  by the different company for its use in Solarcell, Ceramic, Rubber & Paint industry due to it rich 

percentage of silica availability.  Our product is available as per buyer’s specification of best quality in comparison which includes agri. waste product of rice husk ash flakes which is collected from different rice mills where different boilers (where  temp. of the  boiler max. 700 - 750 degree cen. not above 800 degree centigrade) are functioning & we collect that rice husk ash  flakes as is where is basis in cool & dry condition from the rice mill in the form of mixed  grain size.  In case of screened rice husk ash flakes we carefully collect it from the rice mills with minimum moisture level (always trying below 1% . moisture level is varriable in different season.) & after screening it is supplied to the buyer as per their specification in different mixed grain size from  1.70 mm. ( 10 mesh size ) to 400 microns ( 36 mesh size)                                                                                                                                                                                            

Practically it is not possible for any RHA processor/exporter to supply the rice husk ash flakes to the buyer as per buyers required same grain size from a single rice mill. Availability of rice husk ash in a single rice mill is varries from 0.15 ton to 2 ( two ) ton per day. Basically the rice husk ash is collected by us from so many rice mills & in the factory it is mix up for a large quantity to come. Then the same mixed up small quantity 300 gm.approx. sent to the lab. for both physical & chemical analysis. On the time of collection  loading -unloading, screening, packaging & transportation & due to its light in weight & brittleness no one can give guarantee that the buyer will accept the said rice husk ash flakes in the same grain size as he requires.  Also due to pressing packaging & movement on the road on the time of dispatch from processing factory to the receiving location ( importing place ) the buyer ultimately receives it in different / mix grain size although all the exporter tried their best to send the materials in the same grain size as the buyer wants. So all the buyers( importer) should know that he will purchase the rice husk ash flakes in diferent/ mix grain size & which is collected  from different rice mills where different boilers are functioning.

 Also we process rice husk ash fine powder/ micro silica  (pulverized) of grain size from 0.15 mm./ 150 microns  to 0.075mm./ 75 microns (100mesh size to 200 mesh size).

 Besides some primary test in our in house lab. finally we tested our samples of rice husk ash flakes & rice husk fine powder in a world class (Internationally reputed) labarotory for double verification & collected the quality certificate of the said samples from that lab. & both lab.test certificate place  to the buyer ( importer) for their necessary verification. 

All of our product is available with silica content in between 80% - 94%, moisture content  0.5% to maximum up to 2%  & also carbon content with low carbon ( up to 1% ), medium carbon ( up to 5%) & high carbon (above 5% ). 

 The FOB rate from Kolkata/ Haldia port  of India of the said product for unscreened  rice husk ash flakes  is US $ 100-120 MT ( without any specification) & for screened rice husk ash flakes as per buyers specification  is US$ 130 -150 / MT also the rate of rice husk ash fine powder/ micro silica  is US $ 150-190 MT. The said rate ( valid up to  31 May 2012 ) is varriable depending on different  grain size/ particle size, percentage of silica & carbon  in the rice husk ash flakes & rice husk ash fine powder, packaging as per buyers different choice, port of depurture , foreign prices updown etc. Besides the said product preparation is on for production of  best quality rice husk ash pellets of size  4 - 6mm. diameter. & rice husk ash nodules of size 3mm.diameter.   The rate is varriable depending on so many reason as mentioned above for flakes & powder as well as nodules ( balls ) & pellets. 

 In steel production RHA is used for insulation of molten metal in tundish and ladle in slab caster . The temperature of molten metal in the ladle is around 1500 –1600 degrees centigrade. When this metal flows from ladle to tundish, the temperature drops down. This reduction in temperature can create choking and causesbreakdown in the slab caster.

 RHA, in its capacity as a refractory, it is useful in fiber form as a high temperature thermal protection fabric. As RHA is an excellent insulator it is used as coating in steel production as it has low thermal conductivity, high melting point, low bulk density and high porosity. In such insulating property it makes an excellent ‘tundish coating’. These are the product ( RHA ) that is used to insulate the tundish, prevent rapid cooling of the steel and ensure uniform solidification in the continuous casting process.

In steel industry all over the world rice husk ash  pellets & nodules has maximum demand as it is totally pollution free product & is circulated homogeneously & uniformly for insulating purposes of molten metal in tundish and ladle in slab caster. Within a short period of time we can supply best quality rice husk ash pellets & nodules which will be an environment saviour insulating product for the use of steel industry.

 Steel industry, Construction & cement industry, Refractory, Ceramic industry, Solar cell industry, other metallurgy based industries management / purchase division are requested for query of our quality product of processed rice husk ash. 

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Rice Husk Ash

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