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Brand VT
Place of Origin Uttar Pradesh India
Production Capacity 300 Ton/Tons per Year  Per 
Packaging Details As per buyers specification
Keywords Other Agriculture Products, Singhara, VT, Lucknow Kirana Company, India
Category Agriculture > Other Agriculture Products 
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Flour of Singoda is used extensively in India as day to day food in some communities its commonly used during fasting like during the Navratri.

Use of fresh singoda is also prevalent throughout the country as a vegetable, fruit. Used fresh as well as boiled.

The meal, prepared by grinding dried kernels, is used as substitute for cereal flour. In reference literatures, related to different systems of medicine in India, many valuable medicinal properties and uses of Singhara have been described in detail. According to Ayurveda, Singhara is cooling, aphrodisiac, astringent to bowels, antipyretic, cures leprosy, burning sensation, fatigue, inflammation, blood diseases, urinary discharges, biliousness, strangury and useful in fractures and erysipelas. 

According to Unani system of medicine, it is aphrodisiac, appetizer, and useful in chronic fever, lumbago, pain, thirst, sore-throat, biliousness, bronchitis etc., Singhara Burfi possess all medicinal properties of original fruit. It is one of the best foods for the patients. It is specially recommended for newly wed couples. The natives use this dish during fast (Upvas, Vrata).  In place of sugar, Gud is added in some parts. The natives use it mostly for taste. 

I am describing the method of preparation of Singhara Burfi,

Required Material :- Three bowl full Singhara flour, Three bowl full sugar, Six bowl full water, Cow Milk 6 bowl full, Char seeds (Buchanania lanzan) and dry fruits (if necessary). 

Method of Preparation :- Singhara flour is roasted after mixing a teaspoon full of cow ghee. When the colour changes into red-pink, stop the roasting and add sugar, water, milk and Char seeds. 

Put this mixture on medium flame. Keep stirring the mixture. When bubbles start coming out from mixture with the sound 'Phat-Phat', stop the further heating and spread the mixture in flat plates. After cooling, serve it after cutting it in square shape. In general, consume the Singhara Burfi within two or three days


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