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Single Flank Rolling Tester For Bevel &Amp; Worm Gear

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Place of Origin China (Mainland)
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Worm gearing test by single flank rolling method

Test with single flank rolling determine inaccuracy of rotating movement of worm gearing as during working condition. The test will be made separate on the right and left tooth face. When inaccuracy of rotating movement will be smaller, the gearing will be precise. Single deviations which we get from this testing are describe in DIN 3975 standard and this leaflet.

General characteristic of instrument

The gear tester is designed for workshop and laboratory use. Gearing accuracy is evaluated by single flank rolling method with PC data processing (results on the screen, printing protocol).
Results of measuring are classified to accuracy class, according to DIN 3974-2. Results can be transferred to the own standard by writing directly numerical deviations value to PC. You have also possibility mark individual tooth with color. Worm drive electromotor can change revolution by step directly from PC.

Method of testing measured data (deviations)

For single flank rolling test is worm with worm wheel located in nominal mutual position i.e. in specified distances of axes, axis of worm must be  in middle plane of worm wheel which guarantee tooth backlash. The worm is driven by low revolution (approx.1 rev./1sec.) and worm wheel is slightly braking for maintain of meshing on one (or second) side of tooth. The degree of precision is determined as per no-uniform revolutions of worm wheel with no-uniform revolutions of worm.
In principle it is possible to measure by the Gear Tester deviations of individual parts of gearing i.e. worm and worm wheel in mesh with master worm wheel and master worm. Usually is measured meshing worm and worm wheel i.e. the general practice of principle so called ?coupling? of gearing is applied.




Possibility of deviations measuring according DIN 3975 standard.

Fi´ - step of single flank rolling per mesh cycle

fi´ - step of single flank rolling per pitch

Fp´ - deviation of single flank rolling per mesh cycle
By filter off deviation Fp´we receive further display of course with characteristic errors in mesh individual meshing pairs of teeth. \

fp´ - deviation of single flank rolling per mesh cycle
In case of inconvenient result or if we request the best gearing mesh and if exists possibility of another gearing positioning (i.e. marked thread of worm give in mesh with another then original marked tooth of worm wheel) the instrument will signalize such possibility. (For information: large number of possible positioning of worm and worm wheel exists subject to numbers of teeth z1, z2 are divisible. In case of no-divisible constellation z1, z2 the starting position is arbitrary because each worm thread to mesh with all teeth of worm wheel. The same gearing constellation is for on-thread worm.).

Measuring and control program use WINDOWS 98´.

The main control program allows:

·         use in shop environment

  • in short time to process and display measured data
  • by means of a special SW classify tested worm gearing
  • blocking of individual tester functions by password
  • selection of angle measure in base mode (XX?XX´XX?) or in decimal mode (XX, XXXX°)
  • program allows display of tolerance and regulation limits by means of colour lights:

          red - out of tolerance  ,yellow - out of regulation limit  , green OK

Such presentation is valid for all deviations and it serve for quick orientation of operator

  • measuring of gearing: for receiving of deviations of single flank rolling according to chapter. ?Principle of measuring? and according to values to classification into class of accuracy according to DIN 3974-2, it is respected the fact that it is measured of gearing and dependence of numerical values in allowed limits.
    Before starting of measuring it is possible to select the class accuracy for measured gearing. With respect to preselected values the gearing is evaluated - over crossing tolerance is signalized by colour lights on monitor and by special red text and by special text on protocol
  • instead of class accuracy it is possible to determine the own deviations values
  • recall from databank the parameters of measured gearing including the result and graph
  • adjustment of communication version on monitor for testing and print of protocols
  • standard language: German and English, the other versions are delivered as optional equipment
  • adjustment of print of testing protocol in various sizes - black and white, colour version
  • reversed scanning of tested signal by so-called FFT analysis to a spectrum of individual harmonic units - the data can be compared with before measured spectrum of selected gearing by means of inserting so caller limit curve
  • to look thought a testing record tooth by tooth
  • to exit and storage of test results in a form for further working by means of program SPC for quality control (special equipment)

Single Flank Rolling Tester For Bevel &Amp; Worm Gear

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