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Slab-Handling System

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Place of Origin Uttar Pradesh India
Keywords Other Metal Processing Machinery, Slab-Handling System, REMSO, REMSO CONTROL TECHNOLOGIES PVT.LTD., India
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General process description


Remso Slab Tilting Machine consists of Receiving Arm and Lifting Arm fitted with rollers operated hydraulically driven and electrical motor complete with rotation sensor. The purpose of the slab Tilting Machine is to rotate the slab with the individual weight of 45 Ton by 180o / turn the slab for surface inspection after cooling or for torching the underside of the slab. The slab can be transported in or out via a roller table or using a dogging crane. Having the followings features are included in Slab Tilting Machine:

a)      Slab resting platform in receiving arm as well as lifting arm.

b)      Total power requirement for operation of system is 500Amp 440Volts.

c)      Scale removal system accommodated in the machine.

d)      Hydraulic oil and lubrication collection system.

e)      Control post (working panel) shall be near by machine and along with pendent system.

f)        Operation Control: Either pendent or Local Control Post shall be operative at a time.

g)      All the hydraulic cylinders is programmable, i.e., individually and sequentially.

h)      Operational Speed of the machine: Minimum rate of slab tilting shall be 20 slabs per hour.

i)           Slab basic Data / Specification

Slab tilter capacity - 20 up to 25 slabs / hour

Tilted slab weight   max. 45 MT

Tilted slabs width   800 up to 1680 mm

Slabs length      6000 up to 12500mm

                       Slabs thickness   230mm  (can vary from 200mm - 250mm)



l)   Slab holding (gripping) mechanism to be provided 


The slab is lifted using the lifting arm and placed on the receiving arm for the inspection of another surface of the slab. The Slab tilter is reliable with a high degree of efficiency and integrated with hardware & software. The equipment is designed for the needs of large metallurgical plants. Which enable the exact inspection of the both sides of the slabs thoroughly.

The working process of slab tilting machine is the cross transfer system takes the slab from the loading station to the slab weighing device and then to the grinding table. 

After grinding of the slab the slab A cross transfer system takes the slabs to a joint slab tilting device. The slab is then tilted around its lengthwise axis for inspection. This process is again repeated for other side of the slab.


Slab-Handling System

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