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Smart Card Reader

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Detailed Product Description

The Smart Card Reader is an intrinsically safe light weight manualinsertion type Smart Card Reader that utilises an IC card as a mediumfor personnel identification when used with automation computer systemlike Terminal Automation System. Low power microprocessor technologyprovides versatile interface with any of the automation computer systemthat utilizes serial link as a means of communication.


  • Intrinsically safe cast aluminium housing designed to use in Class I Division 2 Group A, B & C areas.
  • Low power CMOS microprocessor based design.
  • Facilitates reading & writing the card.
  • Can read or write ISO 7816 or CP-8 standard cards.
  • User friendly membrane keyboard & dot matrix liquid crystal display for operator interaction.
  • Remote communication selectable for either RS-232 or RS-485 digital interface.
  • Complete self diagnostics.
  • Wide temperature range - 20 + 55oC.
  • Wide input / output expandability.


Availabilityof the instrument for use is indicated on the dot matrix liquid crystaldisplay as well as by illuminating amber colour lamp on the instrument.

When a smart card is fully inserted into the card insertion slotprovided on the front face, a signal is generated from the card seatswitch to instruct the central processing unit to process the data.
The instrument reads the data stored in the card & transmit it toautomation system on serial link. Until the automation system processesthe data received, a message is displayed on LCD display prompting theoperator to wait.

If the data stored in the card memory is validated by the system, MINITISI informs the operator by displaying the message on the display aswell as by switching the Amber light to Green. Else if the data isrejected by the system, Red light is switched on.

MINITISI can also be used for data entry of PIN ( Personnel IdentificationNumber ) by employing its 16 keys numeric membrane key pad. The numberis communicated to the automation system on serial link validation.



  • Smart Card Reader.


Power Supply
  • 230 V AC +/-10% 50 Hz.


  • 16 characters dual line alpha-numeric dot matrix liquid crystal display.


  • 32 K byte EPROM- a sophisticated firmware to govern the system operation.
  • 16 K byte battery backed up RAM.
  • 1 K byte non volatile memory.
  • 3 V Lithium.

Battery Life

  • 10 Years minimum.
Card Media
  • Laminated Cards 2.125"X3.375"X0.030".
Data Encoding
  • Non volatile memory (EPROM).
Data Length
  • 40 characters.
  • Intrinsically safe Indicator lights.
  • 1 no. serial port configurable as either RS-232 or RS-485 differential link.
Baud Ratet
  • 9600..
  • 1Half duplex.
Data Enclosure
  • N,8,1.
  • Cast Aluminium LM 6 intrinsically safe to IS-5780 for use in hazardous areas classified under Group II A, II B & II C.

  • -20 to 55 operating.
  • -20 to 120 storage.
  • 0 to 95% non condensing.

Smart Card Reader

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