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Software Outsourcing

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Detailed Product Description

Offshore Software Outsourcing & Software Development Company

Nomatter what your project entails - whether it's a custom application, acomplex IT solution or a redesign of an existing network structure -Yantrambpo can create a development structure that will provide youwith the value, timeline and the budget you need

Web Applications

Server technologies

Web servers
» Apache
» Apache Tomcat


Standard & Protocol
» POP3

Client Technologies

» Java Script / VB Script
» Java Applets

Desktop Applications

Windows Family
» MS Visual Basic/VBA
» MS Studio .Net

»  MySQL
»  Oracle
»  MS Access
»  mySQL

What is custom software Solution?

Customsoftware is a type of software developed either for a specificorganization or function that differs from other already availablesoftware (also called off-the-shelf software). It is generally nottargeted to the mass market.

How can I benefit from a custom software solution?

Custom software is usually much more efficient to use than mass-marketsoftware, since it is designed for specific needs of your organization.During development, we will work with your staff to understand yourbusiness processes, and also with future users to incorporateadditional functionalities that they may want. This gives us a betterunderstanding of your business and results in a product that was tailormade for you.

BPM Software

Business Process Management(BPM) Software can help you find out where you need to sharpen yourcompany pencil, and squeeze the most efficiency from your team.

Business Intelligence Software

Consistsof a software approach to make you competitive with your competition.Not only that, but you can rest assured that you are investing in theright areas or needing to downsize in others.

Business Planning Software

Justlike the name says. PLAN YOUR BUSINESS FOUNDATION. A successfulbusiness is only successful with the right planning. Don't rush intothings that may lose you money in the long run. Remember...Rome wasn'tbuilt in a day!

Data Mining Software

Areyou looking for trends or hidden patterns? If so, data mining softwaremay be what your business needs. Data mining software uses aspecialized algorithm to profile your customers and trends. In turn,data mining software then takes this information and extrapolatesdifferent scenarios your business could use.

e-Business Software

EBusiness is one of those computer buzz words people are always using.But do they really know what it's all about? E Business software canput you in the know, and bring you online to join the corporate E-worldgoing on around you.

Reporting Software

Takeinformation you have stored in a database and use it for your businessneeds. You can also use this type of software to pull data from yourdata warehouse or different applications.

Software Development Services we offer

YANTRAM specializes in custom software development and delivers high quality custom solutions, including

- manage your customer relationships more efficiently by automating your marketing, sales and customer service

Software - control your finances, using powerful and flexible accounting software solutions

Project Management Software - supervise big projects by automating your task scheduling, resource management and collaborative work
Business Intelligence Software -respondquickly and adapt to changes in business environment by gathering,storing and analyzing information on your business performance.

- maximize your business effectiveness, integrating all its data and processes into a single unified system
E-commerce solutions - reach more customers by getting your business on the Web

Software Outsourcing

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