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Solar Demineralization Plant (Solar Still)

Product Details:

Brand Cityon Solar
Model Number SDP
Place of Origin Delhi India
Keywords Solar Cells, Solar Panel, Solar Demineralization Plant (Solar Still), Cityon Solar, Cityon Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd., India
Category Electrical Equipment & Supplies > Batteries >Solar Cells, Solar Panel
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Detailed Product Description

·        Toughened glass with high transitivity

·        FRP (non corrosive) Body

·        Aluminum Angle (non corrosive) Frame

·        Total resistant coating to the mounting stand

·        Can for storage of distilled water

·        Efficiency (>65%)

These systems work by using the light & heat energy i.e. Solar energy which is radiated by the sun abundantly on the earth. Heat from the Sunrays falling on the glass of the still is trapped in the body where the hard water is kept. Due to the heat only pure water gets evaporated and comes at the bottom of the glass due to the slope. This distilled /evaporated water is collected in the can through the semi circular PVC pipe.

This distilled water can be used for topping up in the batteries, for laboratory applications.

The Solar still requires very low maintenance at no recurring cost. To get maximum efficiency and trouble free service from the system please do the following.

þ    Keep the glasses always facing south.

þ    Keep the system in the shadow free area.

þ    Clean the glass periodically.

Check the PVC pipe for leakage and correct it if any.

Solar Demineralization Plant (Solar Still)

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