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Solar Outdoor Area Lighting System

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is a device that operates using the Light energy available from the sun to provide lighting during nighttime. The Solar PV outdoor lighting is a reliable and an efficient stand-alone system. It consists of a Solar PV module, a Battery & a Luminary with very high efficient electronics all mounted onto a pole with necessary hardware & cables.The Enolar outdoor area lighting system can be used for roadways, parking lots & other general lighting applications. It is powered by a Solar Photovoltaic Panel and is completely independent from utility power. There is no need to excavate for underground power lines, because the system is powered by clean solar energy. The energy is generated & utilized at the same place; there are no long distance cables running and hence less transmission losses. You will enjoy freedom from monthly electricity bills as well as satisfaction that comes with owning and operating a environmental friendly, renewable light source.This fully integrated system combines the latest and the most innovative solar technologies available providing years of convenient trouble free area lighting. Fully assembled, factory tested kits are available to retrofit the most pole mounting applications. WHY USE SOLAR STREETLIGHTS? In many instances lighting at night can be a costly and complicated matter. Issues such as; no available grid power or expensive trenching and cabling requirements can prevent adequate lighting being installed; Damage to the area requiring lighting is also a problem as with conventional lighting systems; footpaths and gardens need to be ripped up to run power cables. Solar streetlights are fully self-contained, so when you choose to install one there are no trenches, no external cabling and no need to connect to the main power grid. With absolutely no power bills and very low maintenance these solar streetlights will pay for themselves. The Luminary delivers 900 lumens of very useful lighting for many environments. Features Highest Efficiency Solar PV Module  Crystalline Solar Module with 10 Years Warranty. These modules are approved as per requirements of MNES, India, CEI/IEC 61215 standards by JRC, Italy and also confirms to the requirements of Electrical Protection Class II & EWG Guideline 89/932 (CE) Field adjustable Solar Panel Mount  can be rotated around 360° with respect to vertical plane and can be tilted from 0 - 45° with respect to Horizontal Plane to obtain maximum light facing the sun Lighting Fixture  Aesthetically designed outdoor weatherproof light made of aluminium body. Electronics  It comes with a very high efficiency electronics consisting of a Modified Sine wave high frequency inverter and charge controller with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technology & Temperature Compensation for proper charging of the battery irrespective of ambient conditions. The electronics is also provided with protections like overcharge protection, Deep Discharge protection, open circuit & Short circuit protection. Battery  Battery used is Low Maintenance Tubular battery specifically designed for solar applications. The battery provides uninterrupted power for dusk to dawn operation of the light with 3 days autonomy. Battery Enclosure  A vented, acid proof, corrosion resistant Galvanized metallic battery box is provided. This battery enclosure also has a locking facility to lock the box. Models  Solar Street Lighting systems can be designed and produced for specific customer requirements based on parameters like; number of lights in the same pole, different wattages of bulbs & different Hours of operation (4,6,8,10 & 12 Hours) with timer based circuits. Operation  Automatic Dusk to Dawn operation for 12 Hours. It can also be designed for 2,4,6,8,10 Hours operation by providing timer based circuits. Independent of Grid Power

Solar Outdoor Area Lighting System

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