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Solar Power Plant

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Brand Cityon Solar
Model Number SPS
Place of Origin Delhi India
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SPV power plant consists of SPV modules in arrays (total wattage being 1 kW or more), re-chargeable battery bank, power conditioning unit (inverter & charge controller) etc. When sunlight falls on the SPV module, DC current is produced, which is stored in a battery bank. The inverter converts the DC current from the battery into AC current which, in turn, is used for operating various loads, such as, lights, fans or other electrical appliances in the building, subject to the total load (watts) being restricted to the capacity of the module (Wp).


§         Emergency power supply can be availed at any time for 4 hours or more per day subject to increase in module capacity.

§         It has no moving parts and is easy to run and maintain

§         For areas facing power interruptions, SPV power plant is a boon, as it provides emergency and uninterrupted operation of loads such as fans, lights, computers etc.

§         No fuel is required and recurring power consumption charges are reduced/ eliminated.

SPV power plant may also be grid connected and power generated could be exported to the grid.  PCU senses the grid voltage frequency and modifies the PV array output voltage and frequency so as to synchronize with the grid and feeds the AC power generated from PV array to the grid.

Grid interactive solar power plants can also be installed for voltage support in rural areas of the grid, peak shaving in urban centers and diesel saving in islands or remote locations.

Solar Power Plant

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