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home products Solar Water Heater For Door Sun Shade Of Terrace Floor Of Existing Building.

Solar Water Heater For Door Sun Shade Of Terrace Floor Of Existing Building.

Product Details:

Brand swhdss
Model Number swhdss1
Place of Origin Tamil Nadu India
Production Capacity 10 Piece/Pieces per Year  Per 
Packaging Details the solar water heaterwill be packed in modules to facilitateeasy assembly at site
Keywords Solar Water Heaters, Solar Water Heater For Door Sun Shade Of Terrace Floor Of Existing Building., swhdss, Rotor Support Retrofit Specialists, India
Category Home Appliances > Water Heaters >Solar Water Heaters
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Ours being a tropical country, we are benefitted with abundant solar energy more or less round the year. Even during monsoon period, when we have enough cloud cover, there is no dearth for solar energy. Unlike rain water harvesting, which has attracted all round attention, Solar energy utilization, for our day to day needs, has not caught up with public or government agencies. We have scarcity of power all round the year, and still lot of power, is wasted for heating water either for bathing or washing clothes and utensils, The reason is, solar water heating systems, come with a lot of precondition, before acceptance. They prefer slant un-used roof space, besides a huge initial cost, towards the purchase of collectors, needed for water heating. The water heaters available in the market, need lot of unused floor space, in the terrace. Secondly, periodic maintenance of the collector surface, against dust-collection, is cumbersome and unwieldy, as the solar water heaters of flat plate type, are normally housed on roof top, which is inaccessible by our women folk. Secondly, it is dangerous to expect our women folk, to do this job of cleaning the water heater surface. In addition to initial cost of purchase of these heaters, availability of adequate floor space needed for erection, of these solar water heaters, and maintaining the heating space, of solar water heaters etc, have contributed to lack of interest, in solar water heating systems, in spite of good rebate that is being offered.

The main reason is the floor space, to be allotted for positioning these solar water heating systems. If it is a new house, yet to be constructed, the floor space needed for solar water heating system, can be planned in advance, during the design stage itself. Even then, overall considerations matter, mainly because the present design, of the solar water heaters, demand more floor space, if it has not been provided. For already constructed houses, the present design of solar water heaters, do not offer any scope, as every inch of utility space, is already put to use, except the sunshade space, already available above doors and windows. After careful study, we found that window/door sun shade space, is not utilized, except in a few instances, where these sunshades are being used to position split air conditioners.

We have taken this aspect in to consideration, and designed a solar water heater, which can easily be mounted, on the door-sun-shade of terrace-floor. The bottom face of the solar water heater, resting on the solar sun shade, is ruled out. Same way, the heater-face adjacent to the wall, housing the solar sun shade, can not be used. One of the end-face has to be used, for input and output water terminations. So we are left with only three surfaces, of solar water heater, for installing the solar energy collector elements. This aspect will be taken in to account while designing the conductive bundle of cupro-nickel tubes, and the external heat absorbing fins, to be located in the three available surfaces of the solar water heater.

Solar Water Heater For Door Sun Shade Of Terrace Floor Of Existing Building.

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